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Paula Patton Warns Robin Thicke: 'You're Gonna See My Boobies'

paula patton and robin thicke

We’re guessing — considering that they’ve been married for years — that Robin Thicke has seen Paula Patton‘s breasts.

But this week was the first time he’s seen them on the big screen. Paula tells E! News on the red carpet of the New York City premiere of her new film, “2 Guns,” that she had to give her husband fair warning about what the world will see in this flick that also stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.

“This is his first time seeing it on screen,” she told E! News at the premiere, referring to her Robin. “He sees it at home all the time. But yes, this is the first time he’s seeing it. And my mom. I just said, ‘Mom, you’re gonna see my boobies.’ She was like, ‘OK, I think I can handle that.’ “It’s for the art always.

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