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President Obama “I’m Scared Of My Wife”


One would think that as President of the United States and Commander In Chief of the largest army in the world, that there’s nothing you could be scared of. Wrong!

President Barack Obama admits that there is one person that he is a bit afraid of… FLOTUS.

Obama was chatting privately with a U.N. official Monday and said he hoped the official had quit smoking. The exchange was caught on camera and aired on CNN.

After the official appeared to ask Obama about his own cigarette use, Obama said he hadn’t had a cigarette in probably six years.

He added, with a broad grin, “That’s because I’m scared of my wife.”


Obama has acknowledged over the years struggling with tobacco use. Mrs. Obama said in 2011 that her husband had finally kicked the habit. According to reports, FLOTUS was the main reason for him quitting and that she used her signature high-brow stare to keep him on point.

Go Michelle!

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