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PREVIEW: 5 Reasons To Watch ‘Preachers of Detroit’

There’s a new batch of preachers headed to the small screen when Preachers of Detroit premieres on Oxygen.

Don’t expect to see the same things you saw on Preachers of LA because this bunch is bringing a whole new energy to the franchise.

Here’s 5 reasons to watch the show when it premieres this week.

Controversial Characters. Brace yourself for Pastor David Bullock, an outspoken activist with a LOT on his mind. He’s at the helm of Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church and he makes tons of time to speak out on social issues in the city. Unlike some of his cast mates, he’s not a fan of ministers who drive bentleys and live in mansions and he’s constantly sharing his passionate ideas with his counterparts–whether they like it or not.

Female Pastors. Get ready to see some women take the lead this time around. Bishop Corletta Vaughn is the Senior Pastor of The Holy Ghost Cathedral and Chief Apostle to Go Tell It Evangelistic Ministry Worldwide and she has been preaching form ore than 40 years. Her network provides oversight to 70 churches in the U.S. and more than 1300 ministries worldwide and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her main gripe is sexism in the church and she doesn’t always find allies where she would expect.

The other female cast member, Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole is happy to share her calling with the world but she’s not a supporter of women being in charge. Aside from being a part of Grammy-winning gospel group, The Clark Sisters, she also has a thriving solo singing career, a radio show, a TV series and a clothing line. Still, this woman of many talents doesn’t believe females should be Bishops and that may cause a problem between her and Bishop Vaughn.

Heated Debates. We can’t give away any spoilers here but expect to see some serious blowouts from this rambunctious cast. They will tackle real issues that plague the church and society and no one is ready to back down when they have a point to prove.

City In Crisis. Detroit serves as the backdrop of this show and plays a huge role in the way these preachers lead their ministries. Int he first episode, we’re reminded that more than 400,000 people lost their homes during the recession and the city is still trying to recover. The people the cast is charged with leading are more desperate than ever and we can expect to see some very emotional scenes play out in front of the cameras. Can these church leaders help get their struggling city back on track?

Marital Strife. Bishop Vaughn has been married to Dr. Gilbert Vaughn, President of the Hertford NC NAACP, for 28 years and they have four grown children and five grandchildren. This power couple isn’t afraid to share their struggles with the audience and the Bishop admits she has a hard time prioritizing her marriage over her work.

Preachers of Detroit premieres February 20 at 8/7c on Oxygen.

Check out a sneak peek above.

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