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PREVIEW: 5 Things To Expect From ‘Preachers Of L.A.’

preachers of la

Tonight marks the premiere of Preachers of L.A. and the season’s opener is sure to bring some serious backlash.

The show will follow the lives and careers of six prominent preachers including: Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Bishop Ron Gibson, Pastor Wayne Chaney, Minister Deitrick Haddon and Pastor Jay Haizlip.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the full episode early, here’s a few things to expect from the five religious leaders set to take over the small screen.

Babymama Drama. Deitrick Haddon is a preacher, pastor, gospel entertainer, Grammy-nominated artist who says he was gifted at a young age and was called into the ministry at ten years old. He got married “too young” and separated from his wife and moved to Los Angeles. There, he met Dominique and got her pregnant, forcing him to step down from the pulpit for a while.  “I did fall from Grace,” he says. Now, he wants to get married and continue to preach and sing while caring for his daughter.

Lavish Lifestyles. Bishop Clarence McClendon drives a Bentlley and is all about his business.  “I have to be a chief executive officer. I don’t have a job, I have a life,” he says. He and his wife have some security issues thanks to some overzealous followers.  Women actually write him and his wife letters claiming to be part of the family.He started preaching at the age of 15 and makes no apologies for his high-strung standards. For one thing, he won’t preach without his entourage and of course, the right fee.

Preachers Playing The Field. Bishop Noel Jones is a smooth operator. Loretta is a “friend” of his and he refuses to call her his girlfriend.  He has no interest in getting married and insists she hasn’t worked hard enough to win him over. Grace Jones’ brother is one smooth talker as evidenced by the 20,000 members at his California church.  Being a single pastor is difficult and he has been divorced for twenty years.  “Of course women throw themselves at you in this business,” he says.  “Pictures, emails, just sticking numbers in your hand.” He likes playing chess, driving his fancy cars and eating at “exquisite restaurants”.

Sexual Healing. “You can be saved, sanctified and sexual…God made us that way,” says Pastor Wayne Chaney.  He’s all about loving on his wife and flaunting their fiery romance to his followers.  He’s not ashamed of their connection and doesn’t think Christians should be ashamed of sex.

Guns For God? Bishop Ron Gibson has no problem taking his message to the streets. He’s constantly going into a gang infested neighborhoods to intervene in trouble, but not without his trusted “glock.”  the preacher intends to stop a gang war and brings his gun just to be safe.  It’s familiar territory for the reformed bad boy who was born in the projects of Los Angeles. He was addicted to PCP and overdosed, prompting his conversion to Christianity after leading a life of crime.  His wife, LaVette, stuck by his side through everything and they’re still super in love.

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    • MyCocoaFab

      Hah! Do tell! RT ChicWanderlust MyCocoaFab Something about that show just bothers me!

  1. Mahogany919

    MyCocoaFab I’m hooked! I love DeitrickHaddon, OG Preacher, and Skater Dude Preacher.

    • MyCocoaFab

      RT Mahogany919 MyCocoaFab I’m hooked! I love DeitrickHaddon, OG Preacher, and Skater Dude Preacher.

  2. UPTOWNmagazine

    MyCocoaFab wish the thefinebros would do a ‘black church elders react to POLA’


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