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PREVIEW: Amina Buddafly FINALLY Confronts Peter Gunz On ‘Love & Hip Hop Reunion’

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People have been shocked by Amina Buddafly‘s silence all season on Love & Hip Hop.

Now, it looks like she’s ready for answers and she intends to get them on Part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop reunion.

In the sneak peek, Amina asks Peter whether or not he has been cheating on her with other women and she wants to know what makes her so different from all the other side chicks.

According to Peter, he never would have married Amina if he knew Tara Wallace was still interested in working on their relationship and he thinks it’s time to say goodbye to both of his women.

That may be a problem if that pregnancy test Amina pulls out of her bra is positive!

Check out the sneak peek, above.

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9 Responses to “PREVIEW: Amina Buddafly FINALLY Confronts Peter Gunz On ‘Love & Hip Hop Reunion’”

  1. moniek25

    really peter gunz your just straight patheic ,how are you just gonna crush amina happiness lie tha after she just told you she was pregnant and for you to beworried about tara feeling at that moment you aint no real man to let everyone in the world know how little you care for her is messed up in so many ways get it through your head your married so she alowed to say and do what she feels is right so to get it through that hard head of your it was okay for her to say and tell ppl yall where married and it was okay for her to show her feeling when it hurted her when you tried to take all that alway from that moment she said she was pregnant you should have felt as happy as she was at that moment you dont just have problems your straight screwed up in the head.

    • kissluv123

      First off, HE SHOULD be concerned with Taras feelings because she’s teh mother of his children. He hurt her and he has to reconcile that whether they are together or not. Second, Amina is CLEARLY not happy about the pregnancy but just wanted another means to hurt Tara. She knows peter aint nothing. SHe said it herself. She knew he didn’t want anymore kids. They both should have take precautions. But that “Plan B” comment proves she was being vengeful. Otherwise why would she find it necessary to say that. Hmmmmmm think about it. She mad cuz although he married her, she still playing sideline because she doesn’t truely have his heart as a wife should.

      • Birdshu

        Why would a 30 year old woman with no children be taking precautions with her husband? If she wasn’t happy to be preggers she would have terminated the pregnancy. Amina has chosen a very bad man for herself just like Tara did. Of course he behaved horribly in response to his wife’s wonderful news. That was not the time for him to be worrying about Tara.


    you did the right thing Peter Gunz. I was actually proud for that moment how you handle the situation on the show. Amina knew what she was doing when she messed aroud with Peter.Did she care about Peter’s children when she weasel her way into their lives? No. So why should anyone care about her pregnancy? She didn’t think about those boys when she took their father away. Another thing she admitted to focing him into this baby!!! That was crazy to say I’m not like your baby’s mommas No plan B for me. A child doesn’t make a man stay.Look at what you did to TARA, amina.His heart is clearly with TARA he is  just in to deep now with the chaos you have caused amina.And when you were on stage how you were saying Ta ta ra ra in your song on stage to mock her was terrible. You are not this pretty picture you paint out to everyone.YOUR THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE.I hope people watch the reunion show part one and watch the words that you say in that show so they can see and hear for themselves what a dirty person you are.No one caught on to that  one line but I heard it.Peter you need to DIVORCE THAT WOMAN AND DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO GET YOUR FAMILY BACK.AMINA ALREADY HAS SHOWN YOU HOW DIRTY SHE REALLY IS.SHE INTETIONALLY WANTED TO HURT TARA AGAIN ON THAT STAGE AND HUMILATE HER SOME MORE.AND RUB IN TARA FACE I GOT YOUR MAN AND I GOT PREGNANT ON PURPOSE HE IS STAYING. Tara gave you the best 13 years she could,and this should not end like this. TARA should have look into laws about your marriage to amina because after 7 years you and TARA were in a common law MARRIAGE.You said you wanted to grow up PETER well here is your chance to do so.

    • Birdshu

      TIREDOFEXCUSES Dag you’re blaming Amina for everything. Did she have a gun pointed to Peter’s head that I didn’t see? Did Peter have a gun to Tara’s head forcing her to put up with his treatment all these years. Girl bye.

      • Sherryhardimon

        I agree with you
        Peter is a cheater and can’t no one be blamed
        Aminafor that. He wasn’t married to
        Tara and he cheated and had another child on her
        I believe she knew about the woman no matter what she says. When a man doesn’t come home all the time he usually is doing something. Tara knew about
        Aminaand he married her but
        Tara still mess around with him so whose fault is that? Like
        I said it’s
        Tara fault because like
        Peter said she knew it came out of the horse mouth. I,m so tired of people blaming
        Aminashe not the only woman that has been in this kind of situation and she won’t be the last as long as theirare men who cheat and women who let them. Lay off of
        Amina she just in love with a cheater
        I hope
        Tara and
        Amina drop
        Peter he’s a dog and womanizer. A
        Fan of

    • Sherryhardimon

      Aminadidn’t make
      Peter Gunn a cheater he did it to himself. You act like.
      Tara is innocent she knew he had a woman when he met her
      Tara is just as bad she wasn’t as innocent as people try to make her out to be.
      Peter even said she knew and
      I believe him everyone is blaming
      I blame
      Peter. He’s the one who had a women
      Aminadidnt cheat on anyone put the blame where it should be.. On
      I believe that
      Peter can charm the pants off a lot of women. Remember he had cheated on
      Tara with other womens
      Aminaisjust the one everyone knows about
      I wouldnotbe surprise if
      Love and hip hop came up with the ideal. Peter is a cheater and womanizer and the. Only one to blame is peter put the blame where it should be not on
      Amina. But on
      Peter the pumpkin eater.
      A fan of

  3. mrsgrownnsexxii1984

    Everybody on here defending Amina, when we ALL heard her admit that she would agree to keep the relationship a secret. If it wasn’t wrong, then why was she hiding it? Nobody is saying that it’s all Peter’s fault, and nobody is saying that it is all Amina’s fault, but they were both wrong equally and should be treated as such…. If you were in a relationship that you thought was completly yours and nothing was wrong, would you honestly agree to hide it? No, none of ya’ll would. Let’s just be for real ladies…..


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