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Rasheeda & Kirk Frost SPEAK On Downsides of Ratchet Reality: 'They Think They Know a Whole Lot'

kirk frost and rasheeda

The world was shocked when Kirk Frost cheated on his pregnant wife, Rasheeda, on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and the couple admits reality television can cause major problems.

That hasn’t stopped the pair from returning to the hit show that keeps raising the ratchet bar and lowering viewers’ standards about what they can expect to see on the small screen.

“Everybody thinks they have the answer to your problems, and they don’t. They think they know a whole, whole lot about you and they really don’t because it’s not ‘The Kirk & Rasheeda Show.’ It’s ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’” the rapper told Sister2Sister.

“You’re looking at bits and pieces in different people’s lives.”

Kirk revealed that women have been trying to get at him ever since they watched him cheat on his wife on national television.

“Me and Rasheeda have been a team. I’ve been quiet and I stayed in the background and I feel like that’s where you’re safe at,” he said. “Now with me coming on ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ I’m not as safe anymore because now women are always on—you know.”

Despite the drama that follows them from the show to their real life, Rasheeda insists that the exposure is worth it.

“It’s a great platform for business stuff, and if you already have businesses, it can help take that to the next level,” she said.

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