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INTERVIEW: Rasheeda & Kirk Still Together, Will Film Baby’s Birth For TV!

Rasheeda & Kirk

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Kirk Frost and Rasheeda spent the weekend attached at the hip and looking very much together. After an explosive season full of abortion talk and rumors of an impending divorce, it was a bit of a shock to see the twosome so happy.

A very pregnant Rasheeda rocked five-inch heels for hours of radio interviews on Saturday before hitting the red carpet in a gorgeous gown for the BET Awards on Sunday night.

We caught up with the conflicted couple on the red carpet to find out how they’re doing after watching such an explosive season.

“Kirk is a big part of my career and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him and his push on “Marry Me” that has me nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist.” (She ended up losing to Nicki Minaj.)

“We are a work in progress. We are here together,” she said. “On the personal side of things, I’m making him work hard to get back in with your girl.”

Despite the jokes, the couple seems committed to making their marriage work.

“At the end of the day, we’re really trying to make things work because it is a marriage and if everything does it does and if it doesn’t it doesn’t. “

After smoothing things over with his wife, Kirk has had to brave backlash from fans in a frenzy over his heartless comments to his pregnant wife.

“It’s great to be supported and when you say certain things you have to be ready for the backlash that comes with it,” says Rasheeda.  “Although he tells me he didn’t mean those things, people only see a few minutes of the conversation and they don’t understand the marriage unit and how it works.”

Now, the two are focused on Rasheeda’s career and their upcoming bundle of joy and may even invite the cameras along for the ride.

“I think it’s such a beautiful thing to have a baby and if you share it with the world, that’s great,” she says. “As of now, I think we may show a little something. “

Stay tuned!

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