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Ray J Dishes! Says He Won’t Hook Up With ‘Bad Girls’, Hooked Up With a ‘Housewife’

Ray J

Ray J stopped by Watch What Happens Live on Bravo to promote his new reality show on Oxygen, The Bad Girls All Star Battle. The singer will host the chaotic competition show on Oxygen that reunites the baddest of the Bad Girls Club grads.

He also took time to tell Andy Cohen about some of his former flames. After flashing a photo of Ray J making out with former Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Danielle Staub, he’s got some explaining to do.  He admits to the make out session, but says it never went any further than that.

They also dive into details about his single, “I Hit It First” and says his sister, Brandy, wasn’t behind the record.  “She was a little concerned about the record because she lives a real positive life and she’s a mother and she was concerned about the subject matter and how hard I was going on the record,” he says. “Music speaks for itself…  Scared money don’t make money.”

He went on to say that he hasn’t spoken to Kanye West or Kim Kardashian about the song or video, but says he means no disrespect and it’s all in good fun. “I have the utmost respect and throughout this promotional campaign I’ve never said names, even in the song because music speaks for itself.  Outside of that, it’s all respect. “

When pushed for details, he played coy about the “west” lyric in his song, saying simply, “I have to represent the west coast.” He did, however, clear up some confusion about his original sex tape with Kim K. “I had boom, mic, audio, everything,” he says. “I did everything.”

One boundary he hasn’t crossed in the Bad Girls house.  He admits the ladies on the show were tempting, but he hasn’t hooked up with any of his cast mates. “There’s a lot of sexy girl on the Bad Girls All Star Battle and I have thought about it,” he says.  “But as a host, I have to make sure I guide them on the journey so they can be focused and make sure they have an opportunity to win that money.  I think a relationship would conflict.”

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