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Ray J Swears (Again) His New Track Is NOT About Kim Kardashian — Kind Of.


Do you believe Ray J when he says his new track isn’t about Kim Kardashian? Or her beau Kanye West?

Or her ex beau’s Kris Humphries or Reggie Bush?

He wants you to.

The singer called in to a Bay area radio station — Wild 94.9 — to chat up his track “I Hit It First,” which has him singing lyrics like “she might move on to rappers and ballplayers / But we all know I hit it first … I had her head going North and her ass going South / But now baby chose to go West.”

To that, he says he’s just having fun. And of course, he says, there’s a video soon-coming. (No word on if the woman in the video will favor Kim K., tho.)

“It’s just a song. Of course it’s about my life. It’s a true story. It’s self explanatory. It’s a real record. We living. We having fun,” he says in the interview. “I can’t say it’s not about somebody. I can only say it’s about me. And if people want to create it for another side that’s fine.  I want you to do that.  It’s great conversation. I just didn’t want the motive to be in a negative way cause it’s already such an edgy record.  It’s turnt up a lot.”

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