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‘R&B Divas Atlanta’ Recap: Farewell Faith, Hello Brownstone?

r&b divas atlanta

The ladies of R&B Divas Atlanta are still basking in the after glow of their emotional charity performances, but they’re about to have their bubbles burst when their fearless leader, Faith Evans, unexpectedly exits.

Faith is headed back home to take care of her family.  Her teenage boys take priority over everything else, including the divas.  The girls are sad to see her go, and wonder who will keep the peace in her absence.

Angie Stone takes up to the plate and says she’ll hold down the fort while Faith focuses on her family in Los Angeles. At her farewell dinner, the usually stone-faced singer tears up.  The women are shocked that she’s showing emotion, and they sing one last hook for the road.

Syleena Johnson is ready to wage war against Nicci Gilbert, once again.  This time, it’s due to the fact that Nicci won’t sign a release for the workout DVD she appeared in, so Syleena can’t release it.  In other words, she’s messing with her money.

When she meets with her attorney to hear her options, Syleena learns she’s out of legal luck.  Her only option is to edit Nicci out of the video and pray she doesn’t cause any more trouble.

When LaTocha and Nicci meet up for a spa day, they trade battle stories about their girl group days.  Nicci says she’s still upset that people think she broke up Brownstone, but she wasn’t responsible for their demise. Still, she’s considering a reunion with her former band mates. LaTocha can relate to the sentiments and longs for a day when she can sing with Xscape again.

Monifah and Angie continue their mission to get the tour off the ground.  Their plotting is interrupted when Angie’s manager bursts in to spill some good news.  Angie’s scripted sitcom has been green lit. She invites Mo and the rest of the crew to come in and check out her work on the set and do a read-through. Everyone except for Keke Wyatt shows up and has a blast.

I can’t get a read on whether or not Keke is being sincere or sarcastic when referring to Angie. “She grinds the hell out of this music industry and I respect the fact that she is as old as she is and still in the game.” Hmm.

Angie presses her for reasons why she’s wont tour with the group and Keke admits it’s just too much drama.  “That’s just a big old hamper of dirty stank,” she says. “I don’t want to jump in that basket.”

She also doesn’t want her solo career to stall because of the other women’s bad behavior. Michel chimes in and says that unlike the other divas, Keke doesn’t need the money.

During the re-shoot of her Mama’s Got Soul workout DVD, she seems pumped to be making progress on her project. She says she is a health and fitness advocate and plans to spread her message to women everywhere. Really?

The divas meet up for another peace talk, but Keke can’t make it because of her hectic schedule. As usual, Angie takes the reigns and steers the ladies through their conversation.

Of course, they veer off the path when Nicci confronts Syleena about her sister’s shady business dealings. Wasn’t that issue solved weeks ago? Syleena refuses to fight, no matter how hard Nicci tries to probe a response. She walks out of the restaurant without breaking a sweat and the tour is still DOA.

No wonder Nicci isn’t too eager to get on board. She has her sights set on a Brownstone reunion for real.  Something tells me this won’t end well either.

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