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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap

New Real Housewives of Atlanta mean girl, the former Miss USA, Kenya Moore gets things going at a model casting at the Bailey Agency.

If you switched over to Bravo for the season premiere of the Real Housewives of Atlanta after watching Black Girls Rock!, don’t feel bad. Every healthy, balanced TV diet deserves a cheat day. Nene, Kim, Kandi and the ATL crew returned to our living rooms with the side-eyes, slick-talk, and tea spilling last night like it was the first day of high school all over again. And with the addition of feisty former Miss USA Kenya Moore there looks like this season there will be some infighting amongst “the Talls”.

The episode opens with Nene sitting in her kitchen, being wooed by her ex-husband, Gregg. No surprise there. With lucrative opportunities and new acting gigs coming out of the woodwork for our favorite “very rich”, blonde-coiffed diva, she’s looking to take her talents to the west coast. Gregg is so sure he’s getting back in Nene’s good graces because they’ve been together for 15 years, but it looks like Nene isn’t going to make it easy for him. It’s obvious Nene misses Gregg, but she’s not quick to take him back. Once that trust is broken, it is a pain to get it fixed.

Our girl Kandi, sex toy entrepreneur and music mogul is doing big things as usual. After the girls’ group trip to South Africa, she fell in love with Todd Tucker, one of the Real Housewives producers on set. The two hit it off one night after taping and they are moving fast. How fast? The couple has already purchased a new home together (more on that below) and are now thinking about babies. At 36 (Todd is 39), Kandie wants to have another child, preferably a boy, so a new bundle of joy could happen soon. After boyfriend puts a ring on it of course.

Kandi graciously invites her former BFF Kim (who showed up with a rehired but still hot mess Sweetie) over to view their new humongous mansion with an indoor pool, while poor Kim is on her way on to the street. Pregnant Kim and Kroy have less than two weeks to move out of their gorgeously decorated, but leased home because the property has been appraised for way less than they thought and the home’s owners are threatening to evict the couple for unpaid decorating services. Oh, and the moving fees for her 17,000 square-foot-home cost $101,000. Um, Kim you didn’t consider this before you got knocked up?

The green-eyed monster gets the best of Kim as she tours her friend’s spacious new home that Kandi snapped up in foreclosure (as she told the Bravo cameras, she may name any new children Cash, because that’s how they paid for their new home) and tosses off comments about the neighborhood being dangerous (she told the Bravo cameras she had to lock her doors when she got off the highway exit) and dissed the in-progress painting job.

Phaedra, our very passionate mortician is looking to add a new type of clientele to her business. Animals. Yes, our southern belle believes that our four-legged friends deserve lavish, over-the-top funerals just as much as their owners. To get a jump-start on her new business, she heads over to the animal clinic to pitch her idea to one of the veterinarians. That Phaedra, doesn’t not play.

Cynthia’s marriage and family life seem to be in much better shape this season. Her daughter Noelle’s father actor Leon, came to town and the two, along with Peter who wanted to throw his two cents in) discuss whether she should stop homeschooling their daughter before she hits high school. Noelle announces to the fam that she’s always wanted to go to normal school. Let’s see if Cynthia gives in. Meanwhile, The Bailey Agency is doing very well nabbing a big client, Jet Magazine. Hired to find the newest “Beauty of the Week”, Cynthia invites new cast member, Kenya Moore to help with the public casting call.

Kenya Moore. What can we say about the overly confident, sassy, beautiful and self-assured, former Miss USA from Los Angeles? For decades, she’s always been the hot black model on the scene, but she wants the world to know she’s more than that. A writer, producer, actor, and a laundry list of more credits viewers probably weren’t familiar with. After being engaged six times already, she says she’s ready to give her Louboutins a rest and settle down with the man she’s currently seeing. She wants babies, but not without the ring. All carats considered.

Kenya does not hold back and for the most explosive moments on the show she expresses her distaste with some of the auditioners, making cringe-worthy comments from the jump like:“I was looking for an Adams apple.”, and “Girl, why are you here?”

She even accused one girl of exposing her “Coochie Crack”, and you can probably guess with that means. With a whole season ahead we can already see Kenya’s attitude clashing with the other castmates, especially Cynthia.

Overall, this season looks to be as juicy as fans imagined.

What did you think of last night’s episode? And are you #TeamKenya or #TeamCynthia?

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