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‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Recap: Bailey Bowl Brawl Brings Out Big Bad Nene

nene leakes

The fighting continued on this week’s episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta when a friendly competition turned sour in a hurry.

Nene Leakes is still furious about the masquerade ball Kenya Moore threw in her honor. Cynthia Bailey admits she wasn’t proud of her friend’s behavior, but now she and her husband, Peter Thomas aren’t speaking over the dust up. Now, she has to plan a birthday party for her man even though they’re not getting along.

Meanwhile, Kenya is busy bonding with Marlo Hampton and she rehashes all of the drama from the party and pokes fun at nene for posing like Zoolander the whole time. Marlo doesn’t say anything bad about her friend, but agrees to try to get to the bottom of her bad behavior.

Later, Cynthia throws a Jamaican-themed birthday bash for her man and Nene decided to come and play nice…sort of.  She tries to throw shade at Peter while wishing him a happy birthday but he takes her to task until she adjusts her attitude.

Kenya takes the opportunity to apologize to Nene and even manages to force a hug out of her, but she’s still being rude to Marlo. After a few minutes, Nene gets so annoyed with Marlo and Kenya that she walks out of the party in a huff.

Porsha Williams is trying to prepare forger stage debut in Kandi Burruss‘ play so she gets some acting advice from Nene. Although it’s impressive that nene landed a couple of real acting roles on television, she’s acting like she’s Meryll Streep while dishing pointers to her friend. Puh-lease.

Cynthia has another event in store with the Bailey Bowl.  She set up an adult version of field day for the ladies and their teams and no one is taking things as seriously as Kandi. The girls bring out their most athletic acquaintances and Nene picks all of her bridesmaids except for Marlo. She, however, is on Team Twirl with Kenya.

Apollo Nida is nowhere to be found which is a bit surprising considering his athletic skill. Perhaps he and his wife were already going through issues back then?

Everyone seems to be having a great time until Nene’s attitude rears it’s ugly head again. When Marlo tries to give her a big hug from behind, she slaps her away and calls her a B*&*h. When Kenya tries to get the former friends to talk, Nene freaks out again, throws her water bottle and storms off. Marlo decided to chase her down to get to find out what her problem is and it gets pretty ugly.

Marlo disses her “Donald Trump” wig and Nene cusses all the way to the car before throwing another water bottle on the ground. Marlo is furious that she has been dismissed for befriending Kenya and accuses Nene of being insecure and dumb among other things.

Another day, another cat fight.

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  1. Rybin

    This weeks episode was a piss poor behavior and display of NeNe not getting over herself, and I’m Team NeNe all the way…but this was just horrible. These ladies are grown women who are CATTY…smh


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