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Reality TV Round Up: K. Foxx Is Engaged? Nicki Goes Nuts, Phaedra Supports Kim Kardashian …and More!!


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Posted 05/06/13

K. Foxx Is Engaged?

Although K. Foxx refuses to provide any details, The Gossip Game star has confirmed reports that she’s engaged to her secret love. “I was in South Africa when he popped the question,” she recalled. “I actually went there to surprise him for his birthday, and then the next day, he surprised me.” (S2S)

Laura Govan Torches Wedding Dress? 

“I just don’t like the way the public perceives women who aren’t married vs. the way they perceive women that are. People place so much value on having a great wedding instead of having a great relationship; that’s why you see people get married and divorced so quickly. I’ve been with the same man for 12 years, we have four children and we’re happy. Focus on that,” she said.”For me burning the dress in the photo was my way of re-introducing myself; for many people my name is synonymous with “Basketball Wives” and although that’s part of me, it doesn’t define me. I just felt like “Let’s start fresh. Hi. My name is Laura Govan, ignore the BS you think you may know and get to know the real me.” (YBF)

Phaedra Defends Kim K’s Baby Body

A very pregnant Phaedra Parks spoke out against the Kim Kardahsian‘s body bashers.”You’re not supposed to be skinny and pregnant,” she says. “When women are pregnant, they are going through a whole transition. I’m growing a baby, she’s growing a baby. People are too hard on pregnant women. Obviously you don’t want to gain a lot of weight but at the end of the day, some people do. It just happens.”(RealityTea)

Tionna Smalls Scores MTV Show?

Tionna Smalls, the relationship expert best known for helping Chili on her quest for love has landed her own reality show on MTV. She tweeted the good news last week and even announced an airdate. “Thanks to everyone for their support of my new show, “Girl, Get Your Mind Right!” I am the star and producer of the new series on MTV. 5/20″ (VibeVixen)

Nicki Goes H.A.M. On Journalist, Billy Bush

Nicki Minaj was not too pleased with the bashing she got from a disgruntled American Idol reporter last week. His bad review sent her over the edge, and she took to Twitter to defend herself.  “See, nothing scares me….don’t need any show, any audience, any endorsement…God is real. I’m just enjoying life…whr he brought me from,” she tweeted. “Ay yo, @RyanSeacrest, looks like I found your stunt double…I call dis young Diva  Lyin Seacrest…@billybush” (PerezHilton)

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