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Reality TV Round Up: Scrappy Headed To Rehab? ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Strike?…and More!


Scrappy Headed To Rehab?

Lil Scrappy has admitted he’s addicted to marijuana. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star appeared in a Georgia court Wednesday after failing a court-ordered drug test. After he admitted his addiction, he dodged more jail time when he judge ordered the troubled rapper to a rehabilitation center. Later, he simply tweeted, “Thank u God for ur love an grace.” (S2S)

Pilar Sanders Tells All 

The highly anticipated tell-all from Pilar Sanders is almost out, and a few explosive excerpts have already hit the web.  The book, Saving Sanders chronicles her troubled relationship with ex-husband, Deion Sanders, and was written with her friend and publicist, Kali Bower. Here, an excerpt: “I heard her son call his father and say to him, ‘Daddy, I’m hungry, and mommy has no money for food.’ After a silent pause, Deion replied to his son, ‘You can eat when I see you next week.’” (4UMF) 

‘Love & Hip Hop’ Cast Strike?

It looks like there’s already drama surrounding the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop, and it hasn’t even started yet! According to reports, the cast is unhappy with their current salaries and are demanding more creative control of the show. Sources say half the cast was missing from mandatory promo filming in NYC on Tuesday and the ones who were present eventually walked out. (TMZ)

Kelly’s Big Pay Day?

Now that Kelly Rowland has begun her judging stint on The X-Factor, rumors are swirling about her paycheck.  The sexy singer is reportedly earning upwards of $1 million for her new gig. No wonder she cancelled her tour to make time to judge the singing competition. (YBF)

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