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REPORTS: LAPD Investigating Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife For Instagram Death Threats

Written by cortney2013

Posted 02/18/15

It sounds like Terrence Howard‘s real-life drama could make his Empire character’s problems look like child’s play.

According to TMZ, the LAPD is investigating Michelle Ghent, the actor’s ex-wife for a number of death threats made against him and his new wife on Instagram.

“I’m watching you! I’m coming for … LOL. You two won’t live to see your children,” says one of the posts.

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Another one shows a photo of a pill bottle with the caption: “Oh dear, look what I found. Do hope you refilled. It’s one of the things you can’t leave home without.”

Michelle, who accused the star of beating her up in 2013 told TMZ she is not responsible for the messages but she’s the only person following the Instagram account that’s posting them.

The LAPD is describing the investigation as open.

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