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REVEALED: Iron Man 3 Trailer!!

Written by Kelley L. Carter
Posted 03/06/13

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The first weekend in May can’t come quickly ENOUGH.

Don Cheadle will have a bigger role “Iron Man 3” —  he plays James Rhodes/War Machine — and we’re finally seeing some first looks of his character, which Marvel revealed on their Facebook page.

Cheadle talked with, and said that “everything is happening for War Machine. His suit goes through a couple of iterations and developments and gets kind of a makeover.”

The film stars Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, and Ben Kingsley plays über-terrorist villain Mandarin.

We like what we see so far. Check the latest trailer, which was just released!

5 Responses to “REVEALED: Iron Man 3 Trailer!!”

  1. jemelehill

    @KelleyLCarter I forgot to tell you I told the “name on his shirt” story on the podcast. All names blanked to protect the innocent


    @KelleyLCarter @IamDonCheadle pretty cool can’t wait till it comes out:-) it’s a must see for me. Thanks Kelley (*$*)


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