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RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey on Kenya Moore and New Season

Atlanta correspondent Rita Davis attended Cynthia Bailey's viewing party for the Real Housewives of Atlanta premiere episode at hubby Peter's hip lounge Bar One.

It was lights, camera, FIREWORKS last night in the ATL as the season premiere of season five of Bravo’s hit reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered. I had a chance to attend an exclusive viewing party hosted by Real Housewives star Cynthia Bailey and hubby Peter Thomasover at their fabulous restaurant and lounge Bar One, in southeast Atlanta. It was a packed house with celebrity friends and fans Elise Neal and Q Parker, who both made cameos in the season premier episode coming out  to show their support.  Cynthia worked the room looking as CocoaFab as ever. The supermodel-turned-reality star was gorgeous, calm, cool and collected as she greeted her fans and when I asked her about the her tangle with new cast member the opinionated former Miss USA Kenya Moore she had a lot to say. Here, she shares with CocoaFab her insider beauty secrets and what to expect on the highly anticipated new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Rita’s Radar: You always look so fabulous on the show!  Can you share some of your beauty secrets?

Cynthia: Less is more; if you can’t figure it out wear black!  It’s slimming and it just kind of translates into what looks cool as opposed to you just putting [your look] together wrong. Black is very forgiving.  I think that’s pretty much it.

Rita’s Radar: Your skin is always flawless.  I know you’ve got some kind of special beauty regimen that you use.

Cynthia : Well this is where you’ll get mad!  I do believe in exfoliating daily… I’ve got some pretty decent skin so I really don’t have to go through a whole lot with skin— but I have other issues!  Skin just isn’t really one of them.

Rita’s Radar: Your agency is at the center of the first episode where we saw you and new cast member Kenya Moore clash. How are things going with your agency?

Cynthia: The Bailey Agency is doing very well, we just celebrated out one year anniversary and we are doing big things!  I was just recognized by the NAACP; we got the spirit award last night for the Bailey Agency so not only are we doing great I feel like I have so much more to do because a lot of people are paying attention to my endeavors.  It’s been inspiring and also puts the pressure on because the world is watching!

Rita’s Radar: What should we look forward to from you this season? I know they are already saying Kenya’s bringing the drama!

Cynthia : YES!  We have some new blood! Which I think is great.  I feel like in terms of my storyline I, you know, I generally try to take the high road… But that hasn’t worked out so well for me in the past.  So I kind of had to pull up my sleeves a little bit this season

Rita’s Radar: You have to stand your ground!

Cynthia : Oh, yeah I had to!  I got in the mix a lot more and I actually integrated a lot with the other girls because my girl NeNe Leakes is doing her thing in California with The New Normal and Glee and all the projects she’s working on.  It was great and lot of the other girls working on great business [ventures] as well.  We had a lot of stuff going on [this season]. We still had drama but we are getting our business together.

Rita’s Radar: People Are paying attention!

Cynthia : They are paying attention. We’re back!

Rita’s Radar: And what’s the future hold for you?

Cynthia: I feel like coming from New York to Atlanta I always wanted to try to raise the bar a little bit with fashion. We have some amazing fashionable people here; however I feel like, you know we should always just keep raising the bar.  One of the first things I said when I first came on the show is that I really want to try and make Atlanta like New York and I think step by step and day by day you know I am slowly making it happen!

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