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‘RHOA’ Recap: Finale Fight Night, Atlanta Style


Sunday’s finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta delivered the drama we’ve come to expect when these ladies plan a party. As this season has shown, it wouldn’t be a RHOA event without someone standing on a curb by the end of the night.

Kenya Moore is planning her ‘Iconic Black Women in Film Gala’ and meets with her dream team of party planners. Yes, that was Tommy from Martin and no, it’s not clear if he’s an actual party planner or just there for hosting duties.

It’s hard to watch Porsha Stewart trying to work things out with her now estranged husband, Kordell Stewart. They have a joint therapy session with Dr. Sherry (yes, she’s the Braxtons’ shrink too) to discuss the problems plaguing their marriage. Kordell doesn’t seem too receptive which might help explain his hasty divorce decision. At least for this episode, they’re making an effort, but Porsha’s pleas are falling on deaf ears.

Later, she does her best to make Kenya’s B.A.P.S request work by putting on a fashion show at her hair salon before the party. Although she nails the look, gold tooth and all, her real friends convince her she shouldn’t let the beauty queen get away with the sneaky suggestion. She was clearly throwing shade and Porsha makes a last minute costume change to take her Halle Berry look from trashy to classy.

When she shows up as Halle Berry as Dorothy Dandridge, Kenya is infuriated and promptly kicks her to the curb. When Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss catch wind of the scuffle, they decide to leave with Porsha. They whole group is tired of Kenya’s crazy antics and this time she took it too far. Despite her dead-on portrayal of Foxy Brown, this diva is looking like a jive turkey.

Phaedra Parks is next to hit the scene as Eartha Kitt’s iconic Catwoman character. Cynthia’s Dianna Ross look is elegant and effortless while Kandi’s try at Tina Turner looks more like a bad hair day.

With half of her honored guests standing on the curb, cursing her name, Kenya is forced to come crawling back. Still, she can only offer a half-hearted apology and that’s not good enough for the girls. Once NeNe Leakes arrives as Grace Jones, Porsha decided to take one for the team and go back to the party.

NeNe gives Kenya a reality check once she’s inside, solidifying her role as Queen Bee of the bunch. It seems her recent success has made her something of an authority figure, because Kenya calms her craziness and apologizes to Porsha after their convo. After watching this episode, something tells me Kenya spent Easter wiping the egg off her face.

7 Responses to “‘RHOA’ Recap: Finale Fight Night, Atlanta Style”

  1. canaan015

    I liked the fact that the rest of the
    housewives followed when Kenya kicked Porsha out of the party. I also thought
    it was good that Porsha and Kordell visited a marriage counselor even if it
    didn’t save their marriage. I was commuting home from work at DISH when this was on but wasn’t
    going to miss it. I watched on my phone during the train ride, with the DISH Anywhere app. This
    allows me to watch live and recorded shows while I’m on the go.

  2. SashaWashington

    Kenya is Krazy. But I have to admit….she comes at you with some of the best one liners!


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