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Cortney’s Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Sin City Secrets Revealed


The ladies continue their wild West Coast vacay with a trip to Las Vegas on this week’s episode of Bravo’s, Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Nene Leakes flew “Rich B” style, flying first class while the rest of the ladies hit the highway on a party bus. Their seven-hour road trip allowed plenty of time for daintily disguised daggers to fly between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore, who still haven’t buried their booty battle. The beauty queen is also still peeved at Porsha Stewart after learning she had been partying with her ex, Walter Jackson.

When Porsha starts craving pickles and ice cream, the ladies wonder if she’s pregnant. Phaedra suggests she find a rabbit and pee on it, or in it, to see if it dies. Apparently, that’s the “old-fashioned” way of finding out if there’s a bun in the oven. Kenya is appalled at her suggestion, wondering why you would kill a rabbit instead of going to the 99-cent store. Calm down Kenya. I think she was joking.

After arriving at their Planet Hollywood suite, the ladies want to hit the strip club, but Porsha says her hubby isn’t having it. The girls grill her about Cordell’s controlling ways, but she insists it’s a personal choice and she thinks strippers are “sad.” NeNe seems a little stung that her former occupation isn’t acceptable and the girls go on without her.

Ever the instigator, Cynthia Bailey gossips to the girls about Porsha at the club and then to Porsha about the gossip the next morning. After a relevantly smooth limo ride where the girls make up for the strip club snafu, they head to a burlesque theater and play dress up with the showgirls backstage.

During a shopping trip, Kandi Burruss is eyeing engagement rings, setting her sights on a sensible $7,500 sparkler. Guess her instincts were right, she’s recently engaged. She hosts a ‘Bedroom Kandi Experience’ in the suite later that night where the ladies are able to test out some toys and talk about S-E-X.

The lingerie-clad ladies gang up on Porsha again, prompting her to take the pregnancy test they’ve slipped into her goodie bag. She’d rather wait for her husband. After a sexiest strawberry eating contest, Phaedra takes a low blow at Kenya’s moves. “Somebody might like it but it don’t look like Walter do!” Ooh. Those are fighting words and Kenya is ready to rumble.

It’s time for a game. Everyone is to write a relationship question on a piece of paper and go fishing for answers in more ways than one. ‘What do you do when someone you thought was your friend initially hurts you and then pretends it never happened?’

Wonder who wrote that one. Kenya fesses up and asks Phaedra to answer. Phaedra feels she has been equally hurt by Kenya’s crude party impersonation. ‘The bickering begins and Kenya claims her hurt feelings are beyond repair. “You cut me to the white meat!”

Guess these girls will continue to clash. In Nene’s words, “These b’s will never be friends.”

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