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Rich Dollaz & Erica Mena Are Back Together, Says Her Girlfriend Is Just For Show

Rich Dollaz

If you ever thought Love & Hip Hop was real, unscripted television, this should shake you out of the ignorant coma.

In an interview with Juicy, Rich Dollaz tries to convince the world that he’s back with Erica while claiming he doesn’t want to give away any spoilers for the coming episodes. In fact, he seems to imply that the entire girlfriend/lesbian love storyline awas concocted by show runner, Mona Scott-Young.

Check out some of what Rich had to say below!

How do you feel you’re being portrayed this season thus far?

Obviously Peter and his situation overshadows a lot of the negativity on the show. With that being said I’m coming off business oriented and positive so far – but this is a long season.

What do you say to critics you don’t make the best business moves?

I was a bad boy guy for 13 years, and I released three records independently in the last year and a half that hit the top 20 charts. Deals have to be structured properly, and considering television is a big deal because it helps people like Erica create a fan base. I think that’s what Olivia might have missed out on because she wasn’t as open and forthcoming as somebody like a K. Michelle or a Tamar Braxton or a Erica Mena or even a Joseline for that matter. That’s what people buy in to now.

How does Erica fit into the new business plan?

As far as Dollaz Unlimited is concerned I’m getting distribution with them real soon and that’s what Erica is signed to an we’re releasing a single in few weeks via the show and you’ll see that whole thing unfold. I think its dope. I’m a music guy, I enjoy being a music guy and as corny as I am that’s what I do – I make dreams come true.

Do you and Erica love to hate each other or hate to love each other?

Everybody knows how I feel about Erica. Right now she’s on a “promo” tour with her girlfriend, so I’m going to let them have their promo tour but I think we all know how this story ends.

For clarity what are you saying Rich, you get back together?

We all know how this story ends. I don’t want to fast forward 15 weeks. If you had caught me on the other side of the year I might give you some of the previews but like I said I love Erica to death I know Erica loves me. We’re up here doing interviews together. I’m in love with Erica. If you call me at 7 o’clock in the morning I could probably pass her the telephone.

How did the fight between Tara and Amina compare to the Erica and Tiffany Lewis last year?

I feel last year was worse because I was directly involved. This one I wasn’t a direct member of the confrontation but I’m an Amina fan and I’m a Tara fan. Peter’s my man one of my best friends but I think he needs to tighten this up because he’s looking crazy out here.

What do you ultimately want from your relationship with Erica?

Stay tuned to the reunion we’re shooting December 16th, and there’s going to be all kinds of fireworks. You should get a front row seat. As a matter of fact you make sure Mona gives you a front row seat to that.

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