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Rich Dollaz SLAMS Erica Mena; Admits To Turning Up For Cameras

Rich Dollaz

Rich Dollaz is speaking out against his former love, Erica Mena and admitting that some of his bad behavior on Love & Hip Hop may have had some alterior motives behind them.  

His ex has clearly chosen her girlfriend, Cyn Santana, and has recently revealed plans to marry her despite Rich’s efforts to win her back.

“Now you want to play the victim, and everybody’s ruining your moment,” Rich told Power 107.5. “The reality is, we watched 12 episodes of you playing both sides and doing things you probably shouldn’t have been doing had you been in a serious relationship and taking that relationship seriously.”

According to Rich, Erica’s new relationship isn’t real.

“Let’s be clear, although I’m not saying anything’s scripted, we’re all adults and we’re following a story line,” he said. “That story line is going to take you one of two directions. It’s either going to take you to your happy ending or your drama-filled conclusion.”

He seems to suggest that some of his antics may have been exaggerated as well.

“We all know that boring people don’t get scenes and probably won’t be back for five years like your man Rich Dollaz,” he said. “I started as a B character and now they knock on my door to close it out.”

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