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Rihanna Debuts New Single Cover…Embracing Chris Brown

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Rih-Rih has taken Instagram to the next level! We all know what a great iPhone photographer she is, shoot, who else has better poses and Twit pics?! But she’s taken her love of the mobile snapshot to new heights by using one such image as the cover for her new single “Stay.”

In the photo, Rihanna is seen snuggling into the side of a man’s neck … and those tattoos unmistakeably belong to her notorious boo, Chris Brown.

The photo elicited some pretty straightforward comments from fans, including “we’re all tired of your obsession with this pathetic man” by Instagram user Badem_Sylla, and “Don’t do it lady.. no way… STOP IT NOW! Let yourself be free… away from him. He’s a trouble #Rihanna #problem #crihanna #NO” from Mengi91.

Of course, you still have those who are (for whatever reason) on board with the lovebirds, like imgonnabeaceleb who commented, “I respect you Ri because you show the world your are not insecure that Chris and his ex are business partners good for you keep shutting these haters up.!”

TELL US: What do you think of Rih-Rih’s new single cover? Are they just taking one more step closer to fully coming out about their relationship?

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