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#WerkGoneWrong! Rihanna’s Abu Dhabi Photoshoot Gets Her Kicked Out of Mosque


Say what?!

Rihanna is all covered up! The pop princess is in the midst of her world tour in the Middle East, and she posed for photographers in front of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Saturday after she hit the Middle Eastern city. Rih-Rih tweeted out pics of herself working a black jumpsuit and head scarf — a departure from her barely-there clothing and right along with the Abu Dhabi’s dress requirements for women.
What do we think? Love this look on Rihanna?


New reports say that Rihanna was asked to leave the site of a mosque in Abu Dhabi after authorities discovered she did not have a permit for her photo shoot and her poses were perceived as out of place for such a holy site.

She did take several shots before she was asked to leave, and those posted on her Instagram account show her dressed head to toe in a hooded, black jumpsuit, wearing bright red lipstick and heavy gold jewelry.

Staffers with the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque said they asked her to leave the site because her poses ran counter to the “sanctity” of the holy site, The Daily Mail reported.

RIHANNA-instagram 2 RIHANNA-instagram.

3 Responses to “#WerkGoneWrong! Rihanna’s Abu Dhabi Photoshoot Gets Her Kicked Out of Mosque”

  1. TheTennesseeProgressive

    Given the country location, the statement(s) that she did not have permits to do a photoshoot at the mosque, and the determination by the mosque authority itself, I would say that she was in the wrong on this one. But, more importantly, given the country she took the photos in, I would say she is incredibly lucky she was “asked” to leave and not forcibly detained in a jail cell. That she continued the shoot following the reported encounter, I would suspect her purpose there had nothing, nothing at all to do with anything other than profit and notoriety. That is, perhaps, the saddest part of all.


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