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Robin Thicke Slams ‘Blurred Lines’ Criticism!

Robin thicke in blurred

Robin Thicke is coming out swinging at critics of lyrics — and that, ahem video — of his hit track “Blurred Lines.”

In an interview with the BBC, the hubby of Paula Patton says: “I don’t want to be sleazy, I’m a gentleman, I’ve been in love with the same woman since I’ve been a teenager. I don’t want to do anything inappropriate.”

Initially Robin refused to address the criticism, saying “I can’t even dignify that with a response, that’s ridiculous.”

Thicke clarified the meaning behind the lyrics, saying, “For me it’s about blurring the lines between men and women and how much we’re the same. And the other side which is the blurred lines between a good girl and a bad girl, and even very good girls all have little bad sides to them.”

The video for the chart-topping track, which features T.I. and Pharrell Williams, shows three female models dancing around half-naked, but the uncensored version — it was banned from YouTube — has the same models dancing around totally topless.

So who approved of that topless video? His wife Paula, did!

“My initial response was I love the clothed version, I don’t think we should put out the naked version,” Thicke said. “And then I showed it to my wife and all of her girlfriends and they said ‘You have to put this out, this is so sexy and so cool.’

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