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Robin Thicke Talks Paula Patton, Open Marriage, and Justin Timberlake Comparisons

robin thicke

Robin Thicke isn’t holding back.

This week, the R&B crooner stopped by Hot 97′s Morning Show to talk about the success of the new pop soul album, but perhaps more interestingly Robin opened up about how he and wifey Paula Patton keep their marriage spicy (and it’s not the way you may think)!

He was also very candid as he talked about their regular marriage fights. But unlike some celeb couples, these two don’t believe in having “an open marriage”. Then the folks at Hot97 had to ask the obvious questions about the comparisons between Robin Thick and Justin Timberlake. Any white-boy soul tension?

Read a few of the highlights below:

On Married Life:

We have the most emotional [relationship], the biggest fights. Stuff gets broken all the time. That’s what a lot of my last album “Love After War” was about, all the fighting. She’s a very intelligent, passionate person. We’re both A-type personalities so we butt heads all the time. Luckily, we just had a 3-week period where we got to be in Europe and Paris and vacation together that we hadn’t had in years. Right now love is in bloom. We work it out. I think it’s actually listening to the other person once in a while and what they’re saying.

On If Paula Ever Gave Him A “Hall Pass” In Their Marriage:

She didn’t have to. We had some great party years, she knows how to party. She might tease the idea, but I know she doesn’t want that. She may make it seem [like that], but I know she doesn’t want nothing like that.[…]She’s got to star with all these good looking men in the movies and powerful actors and stuff, so I don’t want to open that door to making any of that okay.
She’s the same with everybody. She’s always very happy, very light, very friendly, but she always makes sure it’s a respectful relationship. I used to be really jealous about that stuff, but as the years go by you know who your person is and you know how they come home to you. [We’ve been together] about 20 years. We were 14 when we met. One of the deeper songs, one of my favorite songs on the album is called “For the Rest of My Life,” and it’s about how her and I fell in love when we were teenagers. It’s really nice like a wedding song.

On If He Searches For Problems In His Relationship To Inspire His Music

I think that’s what happens when you’re an artist, you kind of search for a problem so you can have something meaningful to write about because otherwise all you’re going to talk about is popping bottles and shaking a$$. If you want to write about something meaningful that connects to other people’s tough lives too, then you have to dig deep. I think at a certain point, I was digging and I was only finding falsehoods and I realized I really do have the woman of my dreams, I have a healthy baby, I’m making some money now so why shouldn’t I enjoy this ride.

On How Paula Felt About The Racy “Blurred Lines” Video:

If you’ve seen my wife’s breasts you would realize she has nothing to be jealous about. They’re pretty amazing. She’s an artist first. It would be one thing if she was just a homemaker, that would be tough, but she’s an artist. She said, “That sounds like a great idea!” She started going through magazines and coming up with images and then when she saw the video, she wanted to watch it ten times in a row and then she went and put on her new lingerie. It made her a little jealous, it turned her on. It was a wonderful evening.

On T.I.’s dance moves:
Tiny was on set, actually. I was hanging out with Tiny. When Pharrell and I were in the studio recoding this song, we were doing old man dances, old man at a barbeque dances. That’s kind of where that song was coming from. It was that fun vibe. So for the video, T.I. showed up and I said, “Can you do a few old man dances?” and he jumped right into it and started doing Red Foxx.

On Justin Timberlake

He actually helped me a lot because his sound went more R&B or more soulful, and that’s what I’ve been doing my whole career so that really opened up a door.[…]The thing is, he and I grew up with the same influences. That Michael Jackson [and] Prince era, a lot of Marvin Gaye, and we’re both white kids who grew up in the Hip Hop generation. So, I think it’s natural that we’re going to have some similarities.
On Why People Categorize “Blurred Lines” as Pop instead of Soul:

I think it’s because it’s so happy. Rarely do you hear soul records that are major chords. But, what I think it great about the record is that white people can dance to it because it’s just one-two-one-two.
This is the least personal record I’ve ever made. I’ve almost always tried to be all serious brooding artists and dig deep and talk about my pain and insecurities and stuff. This time I didn’t want there to be any of that negativity. There’s still some depth on it but it’s much more fun.

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