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Safety Tips for the Solo Traveler While On Vacation

Going it alone is sometimes a good thing.

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t want to take your whole family on vacation with you. Metanoya Webb of says it’s OK to plan out a vacation all for yourself. Live on the edge! Just be safe about it and follow these tips to ensure that you are as safe as possible.

Check in every day on Facebook or any other social media accounts you use frequently. This way your family and friends know exactly where you are while you brag before a bodacious backdrop about your awesome travels.

When booking your hotel room, remember to choose one with a safe. Unfortunately, you can’t bring that iPad with you while you water ski in the Mediterranean Sea, so lock all your valuables away in your safe and keep them away from sticky fingers.

It can never hurt to invest in travel insurance especially when you’re facing the world alone. Accidents happen, shop around for travel insurance that covers both your international and domestic travels.

Remember safety first!

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