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New ‘Scandal’ Teaser of Tonight’s Episode! Mama Pope Speaks

Written by Amy Elisa Keith
Posted 11/21/13

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When we found out that Olivia’s mom was still alive, jaws dropped nationwide. Then, we found out that Fitz’s dad raped Mellie and not one of us could believe our eyes. Shonda Rhimes has got us right where she wants us: looking for shock and surprise around every corner.

What will happen to Quinn now that she has killed someone and possibly has been recruited into B613? Why is Olivia’s mom still alive? What is Harrison up to with Cyrus? And darn it, will someone tell us what the Remington mission was really all about?

In this new sneak preview of tonight’s episode, at least we get some answers. For one, we find out where Olivia’s mom is and hopefully we find out why she’s there. We get the feeling that she was either a double agent or some sort of terrorist being held in a Guantanamo Bay sort of situation.

Whatever it is, we can’t wait for tonight’s episode of Scandal. Plus it is directed by the CocoaFabulous director Ava DuVernay! Can’t wait.

TELL US: What do you think is happening with Quinn? And will Olivia find out the truth about her mom or will her dad shut things down?

(And check out the promo below!)


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