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Scandal’s Joe Morton Stars In New TNT series “Proof”

Joe Morton

Remember when all of your favorite tv shows would go off in the summer and you would be left to watch reruns until the fall? Well not anymore! Networks are taking are favorite actors and putting them to work year around. This includes Joe Morton, aka Papa Pope. As season four of Scandal nears it’s finale, the father who’s a force to be reckoned with is taking his talents to TNT for a new show entitled, “Proof”.

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The supernatural drama, stars Jennifer Beales as Dr. Kathryn Russo. The quick-witted doctor starts to fall apart after she loses her son in a car accident. She’s plagued by the notion that she could have done more to save his life. She’s put in contact with a wealthy patient who claims to have the resources to explore life after death. Which subsequently opens a pandora’s box of other people trying to reincarnate and channel the spirit of their lost love ones through her. Think “Ghost Whisper” meets “Medium” meets “House”.

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Morton, channeling his role as “Command” stars along side Beal’ as Dr. Oliver Stanton, a no-nonsense boss who questions whether she’s getting too involved in her quest for the other realm.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you’ll be watching! “Proof” airs June 16th at 10pm only on TNT.

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