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Selena Gomez and Jaden Smith Have Dinner in London

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Everyone knows that it is an unspoken rule that your friend’s ex-boyfriends and girlfriends are strictly off dating limits!  So when Jaden Smith and Selena Gomez were spotted at Hakkasan in London grabbing dinner, it’s just two good friends having a bite to eat right?  Gomez, is the ex-girlfriend of Justin Beiber and Smith is Beiber’s good friend.  It is possible that a friendship was forged between the two through Beiber.  If all is innocent though, why did Gomez feel the need to cover her face from paparazzi?  When you live your life in the spotlight, perception is everything, so these two should be careful.  Something innocent could be spun into a scandalous story of love and broken friendships.  Not to mention the 6 year age difference between Smith and Gomez.  It’s a saga waiting to unfold!

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