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SEX TAPE SHOCKER: Exclusive Details On Mimi Faust's Sex Tape + Watch At Your Own Risk!

mimi & nikko sex tape

Mimi Faust and her rumored fiancee, Nikko Smith, already shocked the world by revealing they were releasing a raunchy sex tape together.

Now, fans can get their first look at the X-rated video because Vivid Entertainment released a teaser.

In it, we see the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars engaging in some hot and heavy personal time in the bedroom AND the bathroom.

While plenty of folks were shocked to hear that Mimi would release a sex tape, it turns out, there was a third party involved. That doesn’t mean she didn’t have anything to do with it’s release, as she and producers supposedly signed off on it just in time for the show’s third season.

Despite the peculiar timing, Vivid Entertainment’s CEO, Steven Hirsch, says the tape may be one of his best sellers ever.

“We were approached by a third party to release the tape. I wasn’t familiar with Mimi and Nikko [Smith] or Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” he told HollywoodLife.

“After doing some research, I realized just how big both the show and the tape could be. It was a struggle to ultimately get the deal done but we did. And this tape will be huge. Massive! Early indications are that this will be a huge blockbuster. Sky’s the limit.”

While some of Mimi’s LHHA co-stars are busy throwing shade about the sex tape, our inside sources say she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

She seems to be proud of the fact that she’s starring in the sex tape with the man she loves and she’s not too worried about backlash from her daughter, who is only four years old.

Mimi told our insider that her own mother was pretty disappointed in her, mainly because of the affect she feels it will have on Mimi’s young daughter.

She also insists that the tape is NOT a ploy for publicity as most would assume.

The timing seems pretty peculiar considering news of the tape broke the same day as the LHHA Season 3 SuperTrailer hit the web.

Guess she’s just lucky?

Check out the NSFW sneak peek, here.

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