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Shaunie O’Neal Talks Supporting Evelyn, Being a Role Model On ‘BBW’

shaunie o neal

Basketball Wives is gearing up for a new season, but don’t expect the same old drama from this bunch of beauties.

According to Shaunie O’Neal, the ladies will be on their best behavior in their fifth season.

“For the most part, I think people were trying to do better, making an effort. I think that’s what’s most important. The effort is being made,” she told

“It’s not that we did a 360, that we’re coming in brand new and angels. Trust me, there are some moments,” she said. “You’ll see a lot of growth. Filming this season, I felt the growth,” she said. “This is like a mirror. We’ve been able to look at ourselves for four seasons, and now going into the fifth, it’s like, ‘I gotta do better.’”

The star and executive producer of the show says she and the rest of the cast have to be a role model for young girls, including her own daughters.

“I’m a mom of two girls…What I teach them at home, I want to show them,” she said.

She also spoke out about dealing with costar, Evelyn Lozada and her bad break up with Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson after their domestic abuse incident happened last year.

“It was rough. It’s a whole lot of crying. It was very emotional,” she said. “A lot of it was us hearing some things for the first time…It was so new when we were filming.”

Like many of the other women, Shaunie says she didn’t know how to react to the bad news.

“I’ve never been through anything domestic violence related. I was just more like a vessel for her to talk to. I didn’t know what to say.”

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