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Sheryl Underwood Apologizes to CocoaFab for "Nasty" Hair Comments

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After some ‘hair-raising’ comments Friday got comedienne and “The Talk” cohost in some very hot water, Sheryl Underwood Tweeted CocoaFab to apologize for her comments.

Tuesday, we Tweeted our story about Sheryl’s comments where she said that Heidi Klum’s decision to keep the hair of her young bi-racial sons after their first hair cut “nasty“. She said:

“Why,” Underwood asked, with a look of mild disgust, “would you save Afro hair?” She continued: “You can’t weave afro hair. You never see us at the hair place going ‘Look, here, what I need here is, I need those curly, nappy beads.’ That just seems nasty.”
Late yesterday Sheryl read our story and Tweeted us back the following response:
sheryl underwood twitter apology
We appreciate Sheryl’s classy admission of her mistake. However, we are surprised that it took her this long to apologize. Perhaps she apologized privately to other outlets, but there were quite a few people who called her out over the weekend for these horrendous comments, and despite their Tweets and commentary, she stuck to her guns…until today.
Nevertheless, we’re very glad that she has realized her error and is trying to rectify it. Her tearful apology on the Steve Harvey Morning Show further demonstrated her desire to put the ordeal behind her. She issued a public apology almost as soon as one was asked of her.
Hopefully we can put this self-hating talk behind us and move forward both with positivity and positive self-images.
TELL US: Do you accept Sheryl’s apology? Do you think she has personal image issues that can be improved upon?

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