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SHOCKER: Porsha Williams & Kordell Stewart Reach Divorce Settlement…She Gets NOTHING!

porsha williams

Porsha Williams may have a new single ready to release but something tells us she’s not in the mood to celebrate.

The song’s title, “Flatline” may be perfectly suited for her current financial situation now that she and her ex, Kordell Stewart, have officially finalized their divorce.

The proceedings have taken longer than usual because in Kordell’s words, “People want things they can’t have.”

It looks like the former football pro got his way because Porsha walked away from the marriage with virtually nothing.

A judge decided that Porsha is not entitled to the couple’s home, cars or bank accounts. And when it comes to alimony from her former beau? She gets zip, zero, zilch.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star better hope her singing career takes off because she’s not even entitled to Kordell’s retirement money, health insurance and she’s responsible for paying off her own credit card bills.


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  1. Rybin

    This is why ts important for woman to have their own when meeting and marrying a man because you can always go back to your life before him…smh


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