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Shonda Rhimes’ Next Show Will Be About …

Whatever you do, don’t put Shonda Rhimes in a box.

She’ll break outside of it, and as a matter of fact, she plans on doing just that with her next show.

Shonda will be featured in a New York Times Magazine profile that will run this weekend, and says she find it “superinsulting that because Olivia is a woman, and the girl who wrote ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ wrote this, it must be for chicks.”

So to that, she has a solution. Her next show, she says will be about “a woman carrying a gun and kicking people’s butts. I would have loved to have been the person who came up with [J.J. Abrams’ ‘Alias’]. I don’t think it’s been done by a woman. And that’s where my mind is.”

Ooh. We’d watch that.

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