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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop’ Star Bia Dishes On Proving Herself to Pharrell

On the Oxygen docu-series, Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop, rapper Bia has one of the most coveted relationships an artist can have, her boss and mentor is internationally renown producer, Pharrell.

Bia is adamant that she’s been putting in the necessary work to build her fan base despite having the resources of Pharrell’s iAmOther label behind her.

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In the premiere episode for season 2, Brianna Perry’s mom/manager Kiki is insistent on getting Bia to admit that her recent concert in Hong Kong was solely based off the strength of her co-sign.

“After season one, I released a mixtape, #CHOLASEASON, and it did great. I’ve been working the music, shooting videos and getting booked! When I went to Hong Kong, it’s because my music has taken me there, the music is speaking for itself.”

The 23-year old Boston native shares that when she first met her manager Fam, she was couch surfing with friends and struggling to make ends me. She worked for nearly two years with Fam and Pharrell before contracts were ever discussed.

“Pharrell will tell you I’ve put in a lot of work and I never asked for a record deal. I asked for help with chasing my dream and I asked how to be successful within the music industry?”

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It’s this hard work and commitment to her craft that Bia believes has been influential on her younger sister, Trini. In season one we saw Bia having to fly home from a music video and photo shoot to discipline her sister who had gotten suspended from school. Bia believed her absence was taking a toll on her sisters behavior.

“Now that she’s getting older, she’s like, ‘go live your life, come home when you can!’ She’s on honor roll and she’s cognizant of the example that I’ve set for her” Bia said.

 ‘I never sought out being a role model but I fell into it having a little sister. She sees where my hard work takes me and she knows if she wants to get anywhere, she has to take risks in the same way.”

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Beyond her music, Bia has gotten heavily involved in fashion and is working on her own merchandise as well as collaborating on a custom sneaker. “Those doors definitely opened up after season one because I definitely have my own style.”

With she and her cast mates achieving new levels of notoriety since the premiere of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, have the ladies become divas?

“Every time we all link up as a group we never miss a beat and you don’t find that in a lot of cast. In season 2, you’ll watch a lot our relationships develop because we know each other more and we’re going through this process together” she says.

“Thats what makes us all so genuinely close, because we’ve gone through this journey together.”

Sisterhood of Hip Hop airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Oxygen.

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