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SNEAK PEEK: Is The Group Done For Good On ‘SWV Reunited’?

The ladies of SWV have had a tumultuous ride on their first season of SWV Reunited and the season finale may be the beginning of the end for the troubled trio.  

Coko Clemons has decided to pursue her solo career and record a gospel album and Taj George may have to move to NYC for her husband.

The girls are also having a hard time getting out of their previous deal and it looks like they’re back on the road to a breakup.

Check out the sneak peek, above.

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One Response to “SNEAK PEEK: Is The Group Done For Good On ‘SWV Reunited’?”

  1. MizYen

    I think they should stop talking amongst themselves about what they should do about the record deal with mass appeal and speak to a lawyer a better one than the one they already have and see what can be done because obviously they don’t know the workings of entertainment law. Get a Better Lawyer Girls! If your current lawyer knew what he was doing this would not happen.


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