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Sneak Peek: TI & Tiny, Episode 14

Written by Team CocoaFab
Posted 11/22/12

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Just in time for a turkey-day tease VH1 launched a sneak peek at the new episode of their hit reality series TI & Tiny: Family Hustle.

According to the VH1 blog: “There ain’t a coach, teacher or sensei that can get that young lady to calm down. You can tell them I said that,” Tip says this week about none other than that hot-tempered hairdresser we love, Shekinah. After Shekinah acts up at Tiny‘s TV shoot, she wonders if she should enroll her friend in some kind of etiquette class. Tip’s reaction? Uh, good luck with that.”

We’d have to agree. Not quite sure an etiquette class can help poor Shekinah…

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