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Soledad O’Brien Talks “Blackness” in America

Fabulous and fearless CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien tackles yet another taboo topic in the black community – the issue of “colorism”, in her upcoming series “Who Is Black In America”.

As a follow-up to her now five-year-old “Black In America” specials, this new series will come face-to-face with the unspoken system in which persons with dark skin are treated differently, depending on how dark they are. O’Brien also explores the question of “What makes a person black?” Given her own interracial background Soledad shares why she identifies herself as black:

“I would say I’m black because my parents said I’m black. I’m black because my mother’s black. I’m black because I grew up in a family of all black people. I knew I was black because I grew up in an all-white neighborhood. And my parents, as part of their protective mechanisms that they were going to give to us made it very clear what we were”

The series airs Sunday December 9th 8pm on CNN. Will you be tuning in? 

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