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South Carolina Senators Call For Removal of Confederate Flag Following Church Shooting

Following the mass shooting of nine parishioners of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, residents have been protesting to have the Confederate Flag, a symbol of White Supremacy removed.

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The church shooter, Dylann Roof had been photographed holding the flag.

Sen. Clementa Pinckney pastor of Emanuel AME was one of the victims of the shooting. Representative Doug Brannon, a close friend of Pinckney has said that he will introduce a bill to remove the flag. 

“I’ve been in the House five years. I should have filed that bill five years ago. But the time is now, I can’t let my friend the senator’s death go without fundamental change in South Carolina,” Brannon said in an interview with CBS.

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The opposition is that the flag has some positive symbolic meaning to the descendants of the Civil War. Randy Burbage, leader of Sons of Confederate Veterans said the flag is a sacrificial symbol.

“We want to remember those men, their our family members, their pictures are on our walls,  their names are in our bibles, their part of us, their DNA is in us.”

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Brannon has found support for his quest to have the flag removed. CNN has recently reported that Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham will call for the removal of the confederate flag from state grounds. Graham is one of the numerous presidential hopefuls. He will make the announcement along side South Carolina governor, Nikki Haley on Monday, June 22nd.

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