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SPEAKING OUT: Whoopi Goldberg Compares Confederate Flag To Swastika

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The ladies of The View tackled the call for South Carolina to remove the Confederate flag on Monday and Whoopi Goldberg compared the South to Nazi Germany.

“We have been having this conversation a long time and … the only other argument you can make against having this flag be as spectacularly shown as it is around the South is the Nazis,” she said.

“It would be like having the swastika flag flying on your next-door neighbor… If it continues to fly, the statement that’s being made … is that ‘We miss this really crappy part of history,’ and that is where the conversation has to begin.”

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Rosie Perez expressed her confusion about the notion of the flag being a symbol of pride.

“I still do not understand the pride behind the Confederate flag. It was a response to slavery,” she said.

“They wanted to separate themselves from the United States because they didn’t want to lose their cotton pickers. They didn’t want to lose their slaves. Period.”

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New host, Raven-Symone noted the reluctance of GOP Presidential candidates to weigh in on the controversy.

“How come [Presidential candidates] are scared to talk about race?” she asked.

“You’re supposed to be the future president of the United States — you should not be scared to tackle these issues that your public is going through.”

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