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Star Style #4: Inspired by Rihanna, Daisy Creates a Makeover Made for the Spotlight

CocoaFab Style Expert Daisy Lewellyn grants a woman’s wish for Rihanna’s red-hot look with the help of celeb stylist Ursula Stephen, who first gave RiRi her chic signature cut, and makeup artist Lucky Smyler.

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Host and Executive Producer: Daisy Lewellyn @DaisyLewellyn

Executive Producers: Angela Burt-Murray @AngelaBMurray; Shelly Jones Jennings SJonesJ

Videographer: Melissa Johnson @MJshoots

Daisy’s Style Credits: Hair, Ursula Stephen @UrsulaStephen; Makeup, Lucky Smyler; Dress Modalistas, available at Modalistas at Limelight Marketplace.

Stylist Assistant: Daneé Kipri

Fashion Intern: Cristina Pimentel

Special Thanks To: Ursula Stephen; Lucky Smyler; Krystal Thorpe (Epiphany Agency); Addi Thompson; Modalistas; Sari Baez; Limelight Marketplace; The W Shop.

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5 Responses to “Star Style #4: Inspired by Rihanna, Daisy Creates a Makeover Made for the Spotlight”

  1. SariBaezRobles

    Nobody does short hair fab like Ursula Stephen!!! She’s the best! When I decide to go short i’m only trusting her with my locks.


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