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Starr’s ‘Mary Mary’ Season Finale Recap: Erica and Tina Reach the Breaking Point

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Last night’s season two finale episode of Mary Mary picked up from Tina’s tantrum over Mitch changing their set but Tina’s issues were really much deeper than that. Tonight’s the night we find out the fate of Mary Mary going forward.

Tina’s Wrath

Tina is freaking out about the new set because “last minute decisions throw her off,” so she calls Mitch and demands answers. He said he made the change because a judgment call needed to be made quickly, like managers are supposed to do, but then he sucks it up and apologizes.

By the time Mitch gets to the rehearsal venue Tina surprisingly apologizes for spazzing out on him and they get in a better place just in time for the show. The mood lightens even more when the Mary Mary team pulls up a video of Erica and Tina’s respective families giving them a special greeting just to let them know that they’re loved.

Goo Goo’s Dilemma

Goo Goo is in the middle of packing for her move to Atlanta but she’s having second thoughts. She calls Justin to express her reservations but he convinces her to “spread her wings,” because she needs a new environment in order to grow.  So, it’s official. Bi-coastal Goo will be in affect.

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