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Starr's Mary Mary Recap: Is Mitch About to Be Fired?


Last night’s episode came down to #TeamMitch vs. #TeamMaryMary, and after what I witnessed, I’m down with the former. I’ve always liked Mitch as a manager because he balances the right amount of a–hole with the right amount of compassion, and he gets the job done. But the Mary’s don’t seem to realize this. I’ll explain. Let’s get into this recap.

Tina the Control Freak

We all know that Tina has control issues; she even admits it herself. In case you don’t understand how bad it can get: she has been known to take the brush from a professional make up artist and beat her face on her own. A mess. But again, at least she admits the problem. That’s the first step. However, I’m not sure how much she’s trying to work on it, because at eight months pregnant—a high risk pregnancy at that—she was running around her home setting up for daughter Mila’s birthday party, despite the fact that her 1,000 family members were doing everything that needed to be done. She freaked everyone out when she stood in a chair to put some balloons up but as stubborn as her family knows she is, they told her to get down about once before carrying on.

At one point, Tina discovers that she forgot candles for the cake and breaks down. Seriously, she cried real tears over missing candles. Maybe it’s a combination of the pregnancy hormones mixed with the control issues but it really wasn’t that deep.  It’s not like you have to fly to Narnia to get birthday candles.

Mitch Gets Reamed by CJ

Mitch gets a call from CJ, the radio promotions person at Mary Mary’s label, Columbia Records. CJ is the one who gets the group radio spins and she’s upset that they are missing sound check at the Tom Joyner Morning Show in Dallas—one of two of the top largest syndicated radio hosts in the country—because they opted to stay in LA to throw Mila’s birthday party instead of handling business. Unfortunately, Mitch gets the brunt of CJ’s annoyance as she starts lecturing him about how if they miss the sound check they could blow their chances of being interviewed on the show and lose radio spins.

Mitch is in a hard position because as he points out in his confessional,  “CJ is what makes all radio happen, I don’t need a war with her right now.” But at the same time, Tina is eight months pregnant and struggling to take care of herself and the baby due to overworking herself and must rest at the doctor’s orders. Mitch, who tries to be sympathetic, asks CJ if they can just skip sound check and personally drop the single off when they come by for the interview to save face, but CJ doesn’t budge and Mitch has to begrudgingly tell the Mary’s what’s up. The last thing he says after realizing that he can’t change CJ’s mind is, “It’s unacceptable to not have them at sound check just because they didn’t want to get up in the morning. This can ruin relationships. It’s times like this when I should have listened to my mother and I should have been an accountant.”

He would have been a good one, too.


Party Time

We find Tina where the previous clip left off—freaking out. This time she has a small break down when some balloons float into the stratosphere. Eventually, she explains that some of her behavior is because she feels bad for being away from home so much.

“There’s a lot of guilt that comes with being away from your kids so when we have special moments they have to be more special” she said.

I’m sure busy moms understand that sentiment, but Mila’s party could have also been postponed as a compromise. In the end, everything works out. Little Miss Mila debuts her Princess Tiana outfit and face painting abounds. Tina is happy with the finished product.

Goo Goo Poppins?

Erica is without a nanny because her sister, Alana, quit to focus on marriage, her own child and going back to school. Erica is freaking out because it’s hard to find a new nanny she can trust. Goo Goo just so happened to be hanging around the house and holding Zaya, so Erica requests that she changes the baby’s diaper. Childless Auntie Goo Goo isn’t into it and tells her not to even think about asking her to do nanny duty. Then the convo shifts to Goo Goo possibly moving to Atlanta. Erica tells her she shouldn’t leave without a ring and that she doesn’t know Justin well enough to even consider relocation. Goo Goo claims that she won’t move without a ring  (she convinces no one that this is true) and that she knows Justin, so they need to back up off her with the overprotective sister routines.


Mitch Bears the News

Mitch would “rather have every fingernail pulled out one by one,” than deliver the mandatory sound check news. But he mans up and does it because at this point, the Mary’s have to do it since they shirked duty the previous day. The Mary’s are so not into it that Mitch actually has to explain that they can’t just diss a powerful syndicated show if they want sales. Mitch initially tried to keep them from having to do it but he was hired to be their manager and tried to get CJ to work with them but in his words (and everyone else’s common sense except for the Mary’s), “Record labels care about one thing—sales.” This is the lifestyle that artists choose. It is what it is.

Erica and Tina flip out because this means they have to arrive for the Tom Joyner sound check at 3:30am then do the actual show, but the day also includes another red carpet and sound check and a performance at a TD Jakes Celebration. Tina is concerned that she’s working herself and the baby too hard but again, if they had just done the sound check the day before then this wouldn’t be an issue.

After nothing but attitude from Tina, who was acting as the Mary Mary spokesperson (Mitch asks for Erica to get on the line too but she declines because she doesn’t want to talk to him), Mitch finally gets a yes. It was a very rude yes. In fact, it wasn’t a “Yes, we’ll be there.” It was more like “We’ll figure it out,” and then click…

Yes. Erica hangs up on Mitch. He is pissed but also hurt.

In Tina’s confessional she says, “I’ll be there at 3:30 but don’t expect me to be smiling. I ain’t smiling ‘cause I’m not happy. It’s 3:30!”

I guess she didn’t get the memo that no one wants to wake up that early for work but when you’re a high profile artist trying to expand you’re your fanbase, you…[insert Iyanla Vanzant voice] DO THE WORK!

At this point they’re really annoying me and I consider changing the channel but I don’t because I feel like Mitch needs the moral support. I mean, if they don’t want to get it in then there’s another gospel group in the same lane who will do it and take their spot too.

CJ even flies from New York to be at the sound check.  A fact to which Mitch says, “That’s how important this is, if she can get there from New York, then we can get there from the hotel.” The next part that he said is classic.

“Sorry ladies, that’s work ethic. Do you think that Tom Joyner complained when he had to get on a plane from Chicago to Dallas? No. That’s work ethic and that’s why he has the number two syndicated show.”

Again, I’m #TeamMitch at this point so, I agree that they need to stop complaining too. They are really living up to the negative stereotype of the “diva” label.

The sound check didn’t go well because they weren’t into it. And I mean they really weren’t into it. Mary Mary is known for saaaangin but at this moment they’re off key. Mitch is even more annoyed with them because he’s worried about how they’ll sound when they perform. However, he doesn’t speak much because his philosophy is that he makes sure they remain in a good space while they’re working.

That mantra went bye bye when Tina decides to bring it up right as they’re sitting in a conference room waiting to go on air in about 20 minutes. It’s in poor taste. Mitch even tries to stop it, encouraging them to wait until a more appropriate time but they went in. Erica and Tina are dismissive to Mitch’s points because they feel  that he doesn’t have their best interests at heart, which hurt his feelings. They also bring up that he didn’t really speak to them that morning—and as a viewer, I’m wondering if this is the Twilight Zone based on points already mentioned. It’s 3:30 am and there was a battle prior to getting the Mary’s at the station, just to get them to the station so that they don’t look unprofessional. That’s what a manager is supposed to do so he did his job and he tried to protect them from CJ but unprofessional is unprofessional and [insert Sweet Brown voice here] ain’t nobody got time for that!

I started to tune the argument out but then Erica had the nerve to blurt, “My baby is four-months-old, this one is eight months pregnant, and we have to be here for sound check.”

Then Tina starts complaining about the pain in her back and the contractions she’s getting and how she needs sleep to be functional. The overall theme is that they feel that Mitch didn’t have their back. LIES!

And I just can’t. I really just

They had the option to do the sound check on a different day but chose not to pick a different date for Mila’s party.  If you’re going to be a working family woman then understanding balance and sacrifice is key. What upset me about the Mary’s is that they do understand it but don’t care.

After all this complaining about Mitch, he makes a great point, “If you don’t want me to manage you, then fire me.”

They haven’t fired him yet, so obviously he’s doing a good job.

Nothing gets resolve and Mitch is still perturbed that they are having this conversation right before going on air, and just when I think I can’t get even more annoyed with these women I almost fall off the couch when Tina goes gospel gangsta and straight blurts, “I’ma do whatever I want to, when I want to do it. Ain’t nobody gonna tell me what I wanna do except Jesus the Christ.”

I actually like the quote but I’m still mad at the Mary’s so…hmph. I have to wait before I say it.

The argument gets cut off because it’s time to go on air.

The interview with Tom Joyner goes well and the subsequent performance goes well. The Mary’s redeem them selves from the terrible sound check, despite a moment when Tina’s headphones malfunction and she can’t hear herself.

Mitch even gives Tina a compliment on the fact that she still sounded good and handled herself well but she gives him side eye shade in return.

All of this and the day still isn’t over.

A few hours later, the Mary’s are at the TD Jakes celebration show, which has prominent guests in the crowd like, Tyler Perry, Oprah n’em—basically, the black glitterati.


Goo Goo Poppins Redux

Meanwhile, Goo Goo skypes with Justin while babysitting Erica’s kids and complains about it. Apparently, she’s tired of catering so much to her sisters because she has work to do and “other clients.”

I’m sorry but she can’t possibly have other clients who put up with her unprofessionalism. Erica and Tina let her get away with murder all the time but with her sub par work ethic (she’s always late or clothes are never where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there), I refuse to believe it.

So, we’ll go with, she has other clients in her own mind. You know what they say about speaking stuff into existence. I’ll stop there.

Justin tells her to speak up next time and to learn to say no to family, which is a good point, and Goo agrees to practice.

On the Carpet

Erica and Tina hit the red carpet and look beautiful but the real test is the show. They nailed it. They did such a great job that they got a standing ovation before the song was over, and even Mother Oprah was raising her hands. They performed “Yesterday,” by the way, and slayed it. But the drama with Mitch isn’t done.



The Trouble With Goo

When Erica gets back home, Goo Goo tells her that she didn’t appreciate doing the auntie day care thing. She says she doesn’t mind doing it some times but feels like she’s the “everything person.” Erica asks Goo Goo why she has a problem with being there for her when she’s always there when Goo Goo needs it and brings up a good point, “If you agreed to do it then you gotta deliver.”


The back and forth continues and then Erica discovers that Goo Goo decided to get brand new like this after speaking with Justin and places the blame for Goo’s behavior on him. Both women make valid points and as much as Justin annoys me too, he’s not wrong for telling Goo Goo to learn to say no. And I still don’t believe she has other clients because she talks about moving to Atlanta too freely and she can barely handle pulling clothes for her sisters.

Erica tells her producer/husband bout the great show and also about the Mitch drama. Naturally, he takes Erica’s side and gets upset because he’s feeling like Mitch isn’t looking out for their wellbeing and encourages them to chat.

The Talk

Tina, Erica and Mitchell have the dreaded chat about the Dallas situation. He’s over it and wants to move on but they say that in order to move forward and do business they don’t want him to be mad at them. Mitch says that their previous conversation was a deep wound for him because contrary to what they want to believe when they don’t get their way, he prides himself on knowing that his clients understand that he would take a bullet for them just to make them comfortable. Tina says that in a situation like this they should agree to disagree. Mitch explains that he should be allowed to be able to do what a manager is supposed to do but he didn’t feel like that was the case in Dallas Again Tina says it’s not that serious. (Girl, what planet do you live on?)

And we’re left hanging until next week.

For the record, I think Mitch is doing a great job as a manager. What do you think?

4 Responses to “Starr's Mary Mary Recap: Is Mitch About to Be Fired?”

  1. BelleCadeau

    I think Mitch is doing an
    excellent job as their manager!  I
    was disappointed to see the Marys act so disrespectfully not only to Mitch, but
    to their record label.  They had an
    opportunity to do the sound check at an hour more appropriate but chose to pass
    on that.  I understand that career and
    family obligations often cross paths but when it happens, the sacrifice to show
    up earlier or stay later is often the price that is paid.  It was unprofessional and callous to blame
    Mitch for a circumstance that came to be because of their initial decision.  Own it, suck it up and plow through!
    That situation showed a different side
    to the Marys for sure.  And next week’s
    episode looks intense because husbands will get involved, which can take a
    simple disagreement to the next extreme, unnecessary level. 
    Fingers crossed, it will all work out in
    the end.  I’m rooting for them.

  2. rozzie28

    I think Mary Mary and the family is taking advantage of Mitch!  I feel he need to let them go.  What I have seen from him is darn good management and im very shock at the way they have presented themselves on the show.  Are they acting like this for ratings or what?

  3. Nat033

    I do not like the way Tina is
    dealing with her pregnancy; the health of her child should be her number one
    priority. I was talking to my DISH co-worker about this episode and we are both
    #TeamMitch; I think he is great for the girls and they don’t understand what he
    has to do to make sure they are successful. I will miss the next episode when
    it airs but I’m going to record it on my DISH Hopper. Unfortunately, my
    roommate likes to record her favorite shows at the same time I do, but since we
    have up to 2,000 hours of entertainment space we can record up to 6 shows at
    the same time during prime time hours so we never have to argue over the DVR

  4. LadyCherylLynn

    I hope it all works out.  I love MM. Mitch seems to be a good mgr that cares, even though it’s business.  But, it’s MM’s call.   Me n my family love the show:)


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