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Startup Diary #11: Giving Birth to a New Franchise

It never ceases to amaze Shelly and me how gracious people have been when we’ve approached them about working with our startup. And Terri J. Vaughn was no exception! When we found out she was expecting her third child we couldn’t wait to help her celebrate and found the perfect excuse with the launch of the second season of our home decor web series, The Organized Home. #CongratsTerriJ

I’m so proud of the show’s host, my BFF Denise Gordon, for taking on a new season of this show and helping Terri plan a fabulous garden party to share the baby news with her girlfriends. It’s so exciting to see someone you love step into the space they were meant to be in and to rise to new heights. Under the direction of our fabulous creative director Malinda Williams and her A-list crew the shoot was so much fun and full of laughter and great food all afternoon!

None of this would be possible without the help of so many people including our sponsor THE HOME DEPOT and our moms! Denise’s mom lent us her lovely Atlanta home to shoot and even baked a delicious 5-layer lemon cake for Terri’s party! My mom arrived bright and early on set to help us set up our shots! At #TeamCocoaFab everyone joins in, including family!

Here’s the press release for our new series. We hope you love it as much as we do!


Atlanta, GA April 10, 2014 — Cocoa Media Group (CMG), the fastest growing collection of premium digital destinations targeting young women of color that includes, CocoaFab.TV, and, announced the launch of the second season of their popular home decorating web series “The Organized Home” hosted by Denise Gordon. The 4-episode web series, featuring outdoor entertaining tips and DIY Spring gardening projects, is sponsored by The Home Depot.

In episode one, host Denise Gordon helps actress Terri J. Vaughn plan a garden party for her girlfriends so she can share a special surprise: She’s pregnant! WATCH NOW

“I feel so excited to be able to grow our family and bring another life into the world,” said Terri J. Vaughn. “Mentally, physically and spiritually I feel grounded and ready to receive this blessing!”

Episode 2: Host Denise Gordon shows viewers how to create a mini herb garden. (airs 4/23/14)

Episode 3: Host Denise Gordon shows viewers how to plant succulents. (airs 5/7/14)

Episode 4: Host Denise Gordon shows viewers how to plant mini roses. (airs 5/21/14)

About Cocoa Media Group

Cocoa Media Group (CMG) is an innovative digital media company founded by former Essence magazine editor-in-chief Angela Burt-Murray and leading digital media strategist Shelly Jones Jennings to entertain and inspire young women of color. CMG operates a compelling portfolio of premium media brands, including, CocoaFab.TV and CMG delivers innovative content experiences for this audience as well as brands looking to reach this influential market. Contact:


The Organized Home is an interior decorating and home organizing firm based in New York City.  Founded in 2007, the firm has based their approach on a single principle:  To ensure that clients are left with a lasting emotional experience each time they walk into their newly transformed space.Inspired by the interior decorating and home organizing expertise of the firm’s founder, Denise Gordon, the team creates chic and elegant spaces reflecting the personal style and taste of their clients. Contact:

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  1. BeverlynGordon

    Congratulations and many  thanks to Angela, Denise, Terri and  Malinda and her crew, this new season is the best yet for the The Organized Home’s,  Home Depot series.  It was indeed a pleasure to watch this outstanding team of talented professionals  exercise their crafts and an urgency for perfection into making this season happen so right and on schedule. Terri J. Vaughn is a delightful and charming actress and person,  who is now officially my new daughter, because she was so very warm and welcoming. Additional  thanks to Angela and her lovely Mom, Diana,  for their unwavering  support of and for Denise. I can’t say enough praise for his team and wish them blessings and success always..  Angela, Denise, Terri,  Malinda, Tamara, Chris, Julian, Brandy, Terrance and Lasherra;  Great job!!!  It was our joy  to have shared this experience with you. 
    Beverlyn & Maurice Gordon


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