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Startup Diary #2: Why Every Startup Diva Needs Her Girlfriends

Well, we’ve reached the two-month milestone and Shelly and I have been working around the clock (literally) we’re psyched that our efforts are starting to pay off. One of the primary measures of success for a content site is obviously engagement and traffic and we’ve been pleased to see how users are enjoying the content. And even that has presented some learning on my part. Top rated content: reality TV stars (damn you Andy Cohen!) and stories, natural hair posts (inspiring me to contemplate my own transition… Could I really do it??) and any sort of Kim Kardashian disaster (KimYe is truly the gift that keeps on giving).

The other measure of success that we consider (and the part both of our husbands probably think is MOST important…) is advertiser interest. We’re beyond thrilled that our first two advertisers have signed on to begin running campaigns starting next month (you may have even heard me, Dana and Shelly screaming on the phone when we got the call). Guess I can tell my husand to stop calling my baby CocoaFab “a very expensive hobby” now!

But while we’re growing like most startup founders we’re also finding ourselves stretched to capacity. There literally aren’t enough hours in the day. I recently shared my daily itinerary with and realized that there were a lot more responsibilities that I left off the list because we’re constantly working. No seriously, CONSTANTLY. And while we wouldn’t have it any other way there are times when things fall through the cracks.

Recently, in between finalizing the design for CocoaFab.TV (launching at the end of the month), reviewing partnership requests, editing freelance copy, securing new studio space to shoot The Countdown each week and preparing our Fashion Week coverage plan, we were also preparing to cover a Bridal Show and I realized while our ATL correspondent Rita Davis and our videographer Corey Johnson were all set to cover the show and tape their interviews we didn’t have anyone to man our booth and sign up potential brides for our new reality series. Before my panic level could cause anymore of my hair to turn grey (you can’t imagine how much hair color you go through during startup phase!) I shot a text to my ace ride-or-die girl Adrienne Craft and begged her to help us out. Thankfully she was available and happy to pitch in. And as you can see from the photo above the three amigos seemed to have a good time and get some work done!

As I exhaled after this latest crisis I realized that this was yet one more example of how so many of my girlfriends have jumped in at a moments notice to help Shelly and I as we launch this dream of ours.

So what does every startup need, aside from a kickass vision, funding and the ability to survive sleep deprivation? Without a doubt, girlfriends you can call at a moments notice and who will always have your back are invaluable!

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