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Startup Diary #7: Exciting Launches, Celebrity Partnerships and Sleep Deprivation

Written by aburtmurray

Posted 10/02/13


With very little sleep but lots of motivation my BFF and co-founder Shelly and I are pleased to announce our company, Cocoa Media Group, is expanding! We’ve just flipped the switch on our third site Check it out and let us know what you think!

A former boss once said to me derisively as she chewed me out in her office, “Your problem is you’ve never met an idea you didn’t like. You need to focus.” As a creative person ideas are like oxygen and anyone that knows me knows I’m the queen of the random idea and more often than not they are GOOD IDEAS. Admittedly every single idea I’ve ever come up with may not have been a homerun (as Shelly and my husband can attest!) but I’m feeling pretty good about the opportunity to work with rockstars I admire like Issa Rae, Malinda Williams and our new beauty and fashion vlogger and founder of Mattie James. Luckily I didn’t take that former colleagues words to heart or we wouldn’t also be annoucing the launch of FIVE new original web series and Cocoa Films.

If you have naysayters in your own life (and we all do) brush your shoulders off and keep it moving. Small minded people only want to force their limitations on others because they lack vision and passion. And who wants to live like that?

Just call us #teambeautyandbrains

Here’s our official press release!



Atlanta, GA October 1, 2013 — Cocoa Media Group (CMG), the fastest growing collection of premium digital destinations targeting young women of color including and CocoaFab.TV, announced the launch of their third web site Featuring style news, DIY beauty and hair tutorials, street style, home décor and original web series, this daily destination plugs trendsetting influentials into what they crave.

In partnership with actress Malinda Williams, CMG is launching Cocoa Films and releasing its first docu-series, Love is in the Hair, in 2014, to explore African-American women’s complex and personal relationship with their hair, the growing natural hair movement and the world of hair shows.

“This is an amazing opportunity to inject fresh ideas into new media,” says Malinda Williams. “As an artist, I have always been fascinated with the platform and its vast possibilities. It presents us with an almost limitless canvas upon which to express and create.”

Fashion and Beauty Series:
Malinda Williams’ Mane Taming, Season 2 sponsored by ORS (DIY hair tutorial); Mattie’s Mix (fashion and beauty tutorials from creator of, The Beauty Breakdown by celebrity makeup artist Tai Young (makeup tutorials).

Entertainment Series:

CMG is also pleased to announce their partnership with Awkward Black Girl creator Issa Rae to co-produce the hilarious pop culture series, Let Leslie Tell It.

“I am so happy to have Let Leslie Tell It join the CocoaFab family,” says Issa Rae. “I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to collaborate with Angela Burt-Murray again and this is a perfect fit. I’m so glad they believe in the hilarious Leslie Robinson as much as I do.”

Reality Remix with Cortney, recaps the highs, lows and WTH’s in reality TV with CocoaFab reporter Cortney Wills (November).

About Cocoa Media Group

Cocoa Media Group (CMG) is an innovative digital media company founded by former Essence magazine editor-in-chief Angela Burt-Murray and leading digital media strategist Shelly Jones Jennings to entertain and inspire young women of color. CMG operates a compelling portfolio of premium media brands, including, CocoaFab.TV and With a team of award-winning journalists and videographers, CMG also delivers innovative content experiences for this audience as well as brand partners looking to reach this growing and influential market.


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