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Status Fro: Three Tips For Maintaining Healthy Fine Natural Hair


Television host Tanika Ray boasts a head full of gorgeous 3c curls, YouTuber backsyncfan teaches us how to rock fine kinks in a hundred different ways and fusionofcultures made a video all about hair density and texture. I thought it’d be cool to share with you all a few of the things I would have done differently as someone with fine hair who swore the golden rules of going natural didn’t apply to me.


1. Stay Away From Gel + Hard Bristle Brushes
For months, I pulled my hair up into tight buns with copious amounts of gel and forced my edges into submission with the brush I had been using since forever. The bristles didn’t seem hard but after a while, my hair let me know that they indeed were. Brushes and gel are never a good thing, especially when your strands are finer. I felt like a Jersey Shore reject when I realized how much it would take to break the addiction. But when the hair around your edges breaks, you have to wise up fast. A great alternative for smoothing your edges and placing the finishing touches on your up-dos is Edge Control.


2. Put The Color Down. No, Really.
One of the main reasons I went natural was so I’d be able to color my hair. I was under the impression that hair without chemicals in it was capable of standing up to the pressure and strain of potentially damaging hair color. And you know, what? That’s true to some degree. Some folks can be platinum blonde Tuesday and end the week in a cool, dusty shade of brown with no repercussions. I am not some folks. It took all of three years to realize that I had to choose between sun-kissed brown, collar bone length hair or hair that grew way beyond the collar, in a shade of natural black. I have made my decision.

3. A Mini Flat Iron Is Still A Flat Iron
I ordered a mini flat iron because I figured it would help deter me from trying to straight all of my hair at once. But because I was only straightening in sections (to blend the hair with protective styles) I suffered severe damage to those areas. When they say stay away from heat, chile they mean it.

So all in all, these may seem like obvious things to stay away from but when you’re set in your ways like I was, sometimes it takes three years to really understand what it means to be ‘natural’. Fine natural hair is more prone to breakage, more so than someone with a glorious, impenetrable fro so we’ve gotta be extra careful. It’s self installed twists and singing to my strands from here on out, until my hair returns back to some state or normalcy.

Have you made any major mistakes along your natural hair journey?

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