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T-Boz & Chilli Open Up About Problems With Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez & Lil Mama’s Portrayal


T-Boz and Chilli are back on the scene to promote their film, Crazy.Sexy.Cool: The TLC Story. 

As producers for the biopic about their lives, the ladies were able to tell their side of the story once and for all.

In a recent radio interview with The Breakfast Club, the remaining members come clean about their problems with Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez and how they really feel about Lil’ Mama’s portrayal of their fallen friend.

The real reason behind the trio’s fallout wasn’t money, but a man.

“It wasn’t really over the money. The thing was Lisa had a guy in her life that was very influential on her thinking but you still have to blame her a little too,” said T-Boz. “We were under contractual obligations and we had already taken money. Then she wanted to go off and do a solo career, we didn’t care that she did one, its just when she chose to do it during the time we had an album to turn in, not cool.”

The ladies insisted they were never bothered by Lisa’s desire to seek spiritual guidance in Honduras.

“She was going out here for spiritual guidance to find a religion, find herself, and have peace,” said T-Boz. “So when somebody is in a search for something like that, you let them go do it. That was her journey of finding peace but you know that didn’t work out well.”

Chilli is annoyed that people still bash Lil’ Mama for her awkward VMA moment years ago. “It gets on my nerve that people would hold one thing that she did. She didn’t do a Kanye west, she just stood there,” she said. “She did an amazing job and that’s why we knew that when this films comes out people will say different things.”

T-Boz is equally supportive of Lil’ Mama’s talent.

“It’s about her acting chops. I don’t think people should be so judgmental,” she says. “If we went into a lot of people’s personal life we would find a lot of stuff we won’t like. She was the first person we picked, she did a phenomenal job and I hope they respect her for that.”

Despite the rumors,the group has never considered replacing Lisa. “No, never, not even a thought,” they said.

While the movie will focus on problems they faced in the past, the ladies are still dealing with drama over their own music.

”It’s not the state, its the damn publisher. The guy who does “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”. I don’t know the guys name but hes the worst person on the planet,” says T-Boz. “He just tries to rob people and now we cant perform our own music on TV or use it in the movie.”

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