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'Tamar & Vince' Recap: 'Love On Top' or 'Hot Sugar'?

tamar and vince

This week’s episode of Tamar & Vince shows the starlet’s struggle to hide her ‘Love On Top’ while on a promotional tour for Love After War.

Tamar Braxton is frustrated that her husband/ manager, Vincent Herbert, won’t let her release “Hot Sugar” as her second single. She thinks the song is hot, but he wants Tamar to wait until after she gives birth to push the record. Her sexy single will have to wait until she’s back to fierce form for the music video.

That might take a while if Tamar keeps eating everything she wants, despite Vince’s protests. “Every time I go out I want to steal some chicken,” she says. “You can’t eat as much as you think you want and if you do, it hurts.”

There’s some more trouble with the sound system when they arrive at the next tour stop and Vince steps in as the sound guy. Tamar can’t wait until she has a budget for a “real” sound engineer because she’s not too happy with her hubby’s performance.

“He wants to work the sounds, drive the bus, go inside the grocery store for snacks, cut everybody’s hair…” She’s over the multi-tasking.

Tamar and Vince bicker over what kind of nanny they will hire after the baby comes. She’s certain the caretaker will be well over fifty and smell like funk if she’s going to be living in her house with her man.

Vince finally lets her play the record for some fans while making a radio appearance and they seem to love the up-tempo track.

Tamar dodges questions from fans and radio DJ’s about when she will become a mother. The whole thing is hilarious because at this point, it’s pretty obvious the youngest Braxton sister didn’t swallow a bowling ball. Still, she gets through the last leg of the promo tour without being busted for her bump.

Now that the promo tour had wrapped, it’s time for Tamar to get home and focus on her growing family. She also has a new house to move into and it’s quite a task.  The new place is even bigger than their last mansion and there’s tons of work to be done for an impatient pregnant woman. She’s wondering where her sisters are, but she won’t see them until their upcoming appearance on Good Morning America. 

The sisters reunite to promote Braxton Family Values and tell the world that Tamar has a bun in the oven! She’s glad she can finally wear maternity clothes that show off her bump instead of always having to hide it.

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