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Tami Roman Says Basketball Wives Season 5 Will Present More ‘Balance’

Tami Roman at VH1 Divas in Los Angeles (Photo Credit: Brian To/

The original ladies Basketball Wives are gearing up for their fifth season premiering in the spring, and Tami Roman says it’s going to be good. Part of the drama this time around is between Tami Roman and her longtime friend Shaunie O’Neal, who pretends to be drama free despite being the shadiest instigator in the bunch.

“I have always been a person that is going to speak my mind and say exactly how I feel. For the first time, I actually have a little to say to Ms. Shaunie O’Neal…So, that’s going to be quite interesting for the people to see,” Roman told the Examiner.

Knowing how Tami gets down, my hope is that they won’t be throwing bows (guess I’ll be holding my breath for a while). But whatever the outcome, Tami claims the next season will present more balance along with the shenanigans.

“This time around we decided to present more of a balance. I mean you’re going to get all of the drama. You’re going to have what we’re known for, everybody not getting along. We’re going to have those moments, but I think it was important to show me as a mother; to show me as an actress; to show me as a spokesperson; to show me really living my real life, because my life doesn’t revolve around Evelyn, Shaunie and whoever else may be on the show. We wanted to have a little more balance,” she said.

Mmmkay. That still sounds suspect.

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